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A new chapter for impact investment: GlassWall Syndicate now powered by Brinc

June 4, 2024

GlassWall Syndicate (GWS), the alternative protein investor network, has announced that it is now hosted by Brinc, a global venture capital and accelerator firm headquartered in Hong Kong. GWS will leverage Brinc's extensive resources and network to propel into its next growth phase with a focus on increasing critical funding avenues for companies addressing some of the largest global challenges. This new phase for GWS aligns with Brinc's forward-thinking focus to deliver enhanced offerings and opportunities within impact investment, driving innovation's transformative power across industries and communities globally.

With an expansive team across key regions including MENA, India, Singapore, China, and Japan, Brinc brings a decade of expertise in working closely with investors, startups, and industry mentors. By utilizing their strengths, Brinc and GWS will provide valuable resources to investors that strive to align their investment strategy with combating the climate crisis.

Since its founding, Brinc has invested in 241 companies across 48 countries and established itself as a crucial supporter of innovators, creating and running accelerator programs across a range of verticals including climate technology, food tech, medtech, and web3. Brinc's successful partnerships span large corporations, government bodies, and academic institutions, emphasizing its ability to scale and adapt to different ecosystems and needs. GWS continues to expand its network and increase focus on other verticals that tackle a host of obstacles as part of its commitment to a climate-friendly bioeconomy, and Brinc's data-driven and holistic approach is a natural fit to accelerate funding for game-changing companies.

Brinc will support GWS in a strategic expansion beyond alternative proteins to include essential sub-verticals such as Climate Adaptation, Advanced Materials, Circular Economy, Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS), Clean Energy, Mobility, and Agriculture. Leveraging Brinc's extensive networks across Asia Pacific, India, and the Middle East will enhance connections with startups, angel investors, and institutional investors outside North America. The strategic move aims to uncover and facilitate new investment opportunities, driving increased capital toward impactful climate technology sectors.

Moving forward, vetted GlassWall Members will now be able to participate in climate-friendly syndicated deals with attractive member terms through AngelList, while the EGC initiative within GlassWall Syndicate, which welcomes later-stage investors to the network, continues to expand as prominent firms explore robust opportunities with established potential co-investors to fund urgently needed climate-friendly solutions at Series B and beyond. GWS Members will continue to tap into the Member Benefits they have long enjoyed but the resources, deals, network, and exclusive access opportunities will expand greatly.

"Our team is more aware than ever of the importance and urgency around the challenges our world faces," commented Macy Marriott, Executive Director of GlassWall Syndicate. "We must continue building a platform that serves the unique needs of founders, investors, nonprofits, and other collaborators who drive transformational change. Just as the problems we're collectively tackling are ever-evolving, so are the needs of the people at the forefront. GWS has been and will continue to be a vital resource that increases capital availability and deployment through our streamlined, efficient, and community-focused network to drive us toward a more sustainable future. We are proud to have found our new home within the Brinc team, where we can soar to new heights and creatively champion the industry."

"We are pleased to welcome GlassWall Syndicate, an organization that reflects our deep commitment to nurturing impact investing," added Manav Gupta, Founder & CEO of Brinc. "With our proven engagement in sectors like food, agriculture, and climate technology, we have empowered founders to turn ideas into scalable solutions that tackle worldwide challenges. By getting on board with GWS, we hope to amplify these efforts, ensuring critical projects receive the necessary funding and support and reinforcing our ongoing commitment to generate substantial, positive change across various industries."

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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