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Protein Production Technology International  magazine is the must-read digital publication that is 100% devoted to the dynamic alternative proteins space, containing deep-dive articles, exclusive interviews, case studies, scientific research, innovation insights, and product announcements that showcase the next-generation of highly sustainable processes, technologies and production solutions in plant-based, fermentation-enabled, cultivated, molecular farmed and insect-derived proteins

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This digital archive spans a rolling 12-month period and is updated with each new issue


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What Our Readers Say

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“As a reader, I have found immense value in the diverse range of topics covered by the magazine, which not only reflect the latest advancements but also offer a panoramic understanding of the market landscape. For a field marketing enthusiast like myself, interested in cutting-edge trends and industry insights, the magazine stands out as a reliable and curated source of knowledge. I personally recommend it to anyone with a mind set in the future and seeking to dive into the field of protein production. Kudos to the team for the exceptional work and dedication!”

André Silva

Segment Marketing Specialist WEU

Cannabis, F&B and Clinical Testing, Merck Group
“Protein Production Technology International is all you need to stay on top of global protein innovation. The magazine is full of insights into the protein industry and is an essential read for anyone involved or interested in the future of protein production. The range of authors are also some of the most respected voices within the industry, so it’s an easy magazine to trust!”

Rebecca Screnci

Senior Associate

“Protein Production Technology International magazine is always such a valuable resource filled with the latest information from the main players in our industry. I really appreciate the digital format, which makes it easy and quick to navigate”

Hannah Lester

Head of Regulatory, GOURMEY/CEO

Atova Regulatory Consulting
“A dynamic industry such as ours needs a dedicated platform to showcase the many success stories and breakthroughs, especially from startups in the sector. The team at PPTI does this really well. It's also a cool-looking magazine, and suits a very cool industry. The video element is great, the depth of technical content superb, and there is a nice balance between plant-based, cultivated, products and technology, and all the areas that are important for us when it comes to go-to-market. We're always look forward to reading it, especially when we're featured!"

Ofek Ron

CEO & Founder

Oshi (formerly Plantish)
“A one-stop read that provides up-to-date cutting-edge technologies and concepts around the world of protein. Makes the complex simple to read in well-structured and balanced articles that provide a voice to numerous startups possessing credible technological advances that could disrupt the protein landscape and provide numerous solutions to a growing market. However, what I like best is PPTI also challenges us all to ensure we strive to meet the basics of consumer success: affordability (scalability); taste; texture (mouth-feel); and nutrition”

Karim Kurmaly


Smart Protein, dsm-firmenich
"Protein Production Technology International is a must for anyone interested in breaking into the alternative protein industry or in keeping up with the achievements this flourishing industry has brought to life. I really enjoy having articles written by a wide variety of experts from regulatory experts to food scientists and CEOs. You will find incredible insight which will make you rethink how we can successfully change our food system for the better"

Mathilde do Chi

CEO/Principle Consultant

Vegan Food Law
“Protein Production Technology International is an absolute treasure trove of information for the alt protein industry. Whether you look at it from the manufacturing side, as an investor or as a curious citizen, it is truly remarkable how much valuable information these guys churn out. I really appreciate their deep-dives and accessibility at the same time. An absolute must read that will keep you ahead of the game in this fast-paced industry”

Adrian Boelle

Co-founder Elephant Kitchen


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