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A plant-based protein powerhouse fueled by microalgae is launched by French company Edonia

April 25, 2024

Edonia, a young company pioneering protein ingredients derived from microalgae, has secured €2 million in its initial funding round. Led by Asterion Ventures with additional support from BPI, this investment will fuel Edonia's efforts to scale up its innovative technology and further research and development.

Founded in 2023, Edonia has a distinct advantage: their microalgae-based products bypass the 'novel food' classification, which typically slows down market entry in Europe. This allows Edonia to launch quickly within Europe, with plans for strategic partnerships to propel them into international markets.

"The urgency to make our food systems more sustainable is undeniable," stated Edonia's CEO, Hugo Valentin. "With a staggering 34% of greenhouse gas emissions linked to food production, a greener approach to what we eat is essential. Microalgae, with their well-known nutritional and environmental benefits, offer a powerful tool for the food industry. However, taste matters! We're providing delicious, hyper-nutritious protein ingredients that require minimal processing and leave a minimal environmental footprint."

Edonia's secret weapon is a proprietary food technology called 'edonization'. This process transforms microalgae biomass into a versatile ingredient boasting superior organoleptic (sensory), nutritional, and environmental qualities. This positions Edonia's product, Edo-1, as a groundbreaking plant-based alternative that surpasses meat in terms of nutrition.

Edo-1 tackles the major hurdle of microalgae products: consumer appeal. Unlike many existing options that come in powder form with a strong taste, Edo-1 boasts a natural ground-beef texture and flavor, achieved without artificial additives. Scientific evaluations confirm that Edo-1's texture is closer to meat than soy-based alternatives, providing a familiar and satisfying experience for consumers.

Highly nutritious and minimally processed, Edo-1 is packed with protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, exceeding the levels found in the meat it replaces. It seamlessly integrates into existing recipes and industrial food production lines. The product's quality has received the stamp of approval from R&D chef Laurent Sicre, a culinary authority respected by both food industry professionals and restaurateurs.

Beyond its taste and nutritional profile, Edo-1 boasts a significantly lower environmental impact. A Life Cycle Assessment conducted with AgroParisTech reveals that Edo-1 generates 40 times less CO2 than ground meat and 3 times less than textured soy. By replacing these ingredients, Edonia has the potential to make a significant positive impact on the environment in the coming years.

"We are confident in Edonia's ability to provide concrete solutions for a more sustainable food system," added Marine Reygrobellet, Partner at Asterion Ventures & Board Member of Edonia. "Edonia's unique technology positions them to become a major player in the sustainable agriculture and food sector, well-aligned with France's 2030 goals."

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