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AAK's new AkoVeg 163-14 coconut oil blend promises reduced fat and enhanced texture for plant-based meats

March 11, 2024

The ingredient supplier, AAK, has introduced a new product called AkoVeg 163-14, a unique blend of coconut oil and insoluble fiber flakes that has the potential to revolutionize the plant-based meat industry.

AkoVeg 163-14 offers several advantages to manufacturers of plant-based meats. It can withstand high cooking temperatures without breaking down, ensuring consistent texture and quality in the final product. Additionally, it improves the firmness and sliceability of plant-based meats, creating a more realistic eating experience for consumers.

By reducing total fat and eliminating cholesterol, AkoVeg 163-14 caters to the growing demand for healthier plant-based alternatives. The use of coconut oil, a more sustainable ingredient compared to traditional fats, aligns with the increasing focus on environmentally friendly food production.

The heat stability of AkoVeg 163-14 allows for streamlined manufacturing processes, potentially reducing production costs.  Furthermore, it enables manufacturers to highlight the reduced fat and cholesterol content on their product labels, appealing to health-conscious consumers. These features position AkoVeg 163-14 as a potentially game-changing ingredient in the plant-based meat industry.

As consumers gravitate towards sustainable and healthy food choices, AkoVeg 163-14 emerges as a significant innovation. It bridges the gap between the taste and texture of traditional meat and the benefits of plant-based ingredients. This advancement in food science paves the way for a future where plant-based meats rival their animal-based counterparts in every aspect. The launch of AkoVeg 163-14 marks a promising step towards a new era in plant-based food production.

“In plant-based marbled meats, pure fat solutions are prone to melting out under high heat conditions which result in voids,” commented Andrea Weis, Scientist, at AAK USA, Inc. “Our AkoVeg 163-14 coconut oil and insoluble fiber flake present formulators with a solution to mitigate void formation across various heat processing stages, while simultaneously enhancing visual marbling for more authentic meat alternative appearances.”

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