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Agricultural contract lab helps ranchers, farmers, and scientists enhance environmental conditions and crop production

November 20, 2023

An agricultural analysis contract lab serving clients across California and the western United States experiencing a surge in volume and customer demands needed a solution to keep up with the demands of its customers. From processing 50 samples a day to an increased near-800 sample a day volume, the company sought out advanced, reliable equipment to sustain such prolific output.

The company’s success hinged on meeting deadlines, yet the instruments in their analytical laboratory were outdated and incurred frequent downtime, hindering their quest for accuracy. Enter Elementar Americas rapid MAX N exceed nitrogen and protein analyzer, a game-changer for the agricultural lab experts.

With three rapid MAX N exceed protein analyzers and a vario MAX cube elemental analyzer at their analytical laboratory's core, the lab witnessed a transformative shift. These devices became instrumental in delivering consistent and accurate results for total nitrogen content across diverse sample matrices like soil, plant tissue, and water.

The automation and reduced downtime offered by the rapid MAX N exceed were pivotal in its implementation. Its 90-sample carousel, specialized gas fittings, and precise combustion capabilities were cited as standout features by the team. Furthermore, its design, small footprint, and cost-effective use of argon as a carrier gas elevated its appeal.

The impact was immediate and substantial. The company experienced an unprecedented surge in efficiency, running up to almost 16 times more samples daily. The rapid MAX N exceed played an instrumental role in meeting the skyrocketing volume and customer demands, especially during peak sampling seasons when the lab handles 400 to 800 samples per day.

The automation allowed the lab to operate seamlessly overnight, further optimizing efficiency and ensuring the company's ability to meet client demands while striving for future milestones.

The integration of Elementar’s innovative technology not only elevated the lab’s operational capabilities but also underlined the importance of cutting-edge equipment in the realm of agricultural analysis. Read the full case study here to learn more

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