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Aleph Farms and Thermo Fisher Scientific establish supply chain solution for growth media

May 10, 2023

A new long-term supply agreement has been announced between Aleph Farms and Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world leader in scientific materials, instruments and services. Thermo Fisher Scientific will produce some of our formulations of growth media – the feed that contains everything cells need to live and grow. The details of the agreement were published as part of a white paper earlier this week.

At-scale production costs represent a major obstacle to the widespread commercialization of cultivated animal products, and a chief example of this is the cost of manufacturing customized growth media for cell culture. As part of this agreement, Thermo Fisher Scientific will aim to conform to the requirements set by relevant regulatory agencies and operate in line with the scale-up strategies of the cultivated meat space. With a secure and stable supply of growth media at the quantity, quality and cost that match food industry standards, Aleph Farms can better bolster its supply chains and scale its operations, even as markets fluctuate.

“Across cellular agriculture, there is a pervasive need for predictable, cost-effective supply of growth media,” commented Noa Avigdor, Head of Global Supply Chain & Manufacturing at Aleph Farms. “This strategic agreement helps us achieve long-term supply chain stability, a necessary condition for scaling production and price parity with conventional animal products.”

Alongside innovation and infrastructure, strategy is key to overcoming high costs like that of manufacturing customized growth media for cell culture. This supply chain agreement falls squarely within Aleph Farms’ strategy to lower costs.

“To keep the cost of growth media in check, it’s important to forge the right supply chain partnerships,” added Ayelet Maor Shoshani, PhD, Director of Cell Line and Media Development at Aleph Farms. “Thermo Fisher Scientific’s professionalism and expertise in media production make all the difference. Collaborating with them will continue to bear fruit.”

To help foster a strong foundation for the wide spectrum of companies that cultivate meat, this agreement allows other companies to access material supply from Thermo Fisher Scientific based on their own requirements. This results in lower raw material costs and economies of scale for the space at large.

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