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Anne Hathaway makes first B2B investment, backing The Every Company

February 6, 2023

Food-tech company, The EVERY Company has announced that Anne Hathaway has invested in its platform.

The announcement comes as EVERY scales up following seven years of R&D, recently launching three products in 12 months and ushering in a new era for nutritious, delicious protein-boosted foods with a lighter environmental footprint. This is Hathaway’s first investment in a B2B company.

“The need to transform our food system has never been clearer or more urgent,” Hathaway noted. “An important piece of the puzzle is in nature-equivalent animal proteins, such as EVERY has been developing. I’m proud to back this vision of a better future.”

The news dovetails with the rise of proteins made by fermentation. Investments in platforms such as EVERY’s – which uses fermentation to 'brew' proteins without animals or the climate impacts of factory farms – totaled US$1.7 billion in a recent period. An early leader in the space, EVERY is the creator of the world’s first animal-free pepsin and egg proteins.

“We are thrilled to partner with visionary investors like Anne to drive forward our plans to reimagine the way we feed and nourish the world,” said EVERY CEO Arturo Elizondo. “Ultimately, our vision is to deliver animal-free protein to everyone, everywhere – and help set the table for the better food future we all deserve.”

EVERY’s proteins are crucial solutions to securing a sustainable protein supply as the global population swells, putting pressure on food systems. Hathaway—who was drawn to impact investing after making lifestyle adjustments to reduce her consumption of meat and single-use plastics, and to embrace a zero waste approach—credits EVERY’s impact, technology and nutrition advantages as key drivers in her interest in the company.

Indistinguishable from traditional animal protein, EVERY’s egg proteins are Vegan Society Certified and crafted with significantly less land, water and greenhouse gas emissions than comparable conventional animal proteins. When incorporated into foods and beverages, they deliver equivalent taste, nutrition, texture and function, with enhanced product performance outcomes for partners.

To date, EVERY has partnered with leading food and beverage brands to release versatile offerings ranging from a boosted green smoothie and adaptogenic hard juice to the world’s first vegan macaron. Looking ahead, EVERY plans to broaden its reach to additional categories, offering an expanding range of food and beverage offerings that will help transform protein delivery, democratize nutrition availability, and offer realistic solutions for the climate emergency.

Hathaway joins the likes of notable EVERY investors Bloom8, McWin Food Systems Fund, Temasek, TO Ventures, Grosvenor, ZX Ventures and others who have collectively infused over US$230 million in EVERY to date. Currently scaling up production with BioBrew from AB In Bev, the world’s largest fermentation company, EVERY is well positioned to drive the next wave of food systems innovation.

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