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Anton Paar acquires Germany's measurement and process engineering specialist Brabender

August 22, 2023

At the beginning of August, Anton Paar acquired the German company, Brabender, which will be integrated into the Anton Paar Group as Anton Paar TorqueTec GmbH. The effective, retroactive date of the acquisition is 1 January 2023. The company, based in Duisburg, Germany, offers measurement and process engineering solutions for the testing of various raw materials and for recipe and process development. It covers a wide range of applications – from food and feed to plastics and rubber, and even batteries and other special applications.

The signing of the acquisition agreement took place on 1 August 2023 (main photo shows Dr Friedrich Santner and Peter Eßer [owner representative of the Brabender Group]). The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. A smooth integration of Brabender into the Anton Paar Group is planned. As before, products and services can be purchased directly via the Brabender website and sales organization.

For Anton Paar, the acquisition of Brabender is a promising addition to the product portfolio, especially in the area of material characterization – one of Anton Paar’s strongest growth markets.

“The decisive factor for Anton Paar’s decision to purchase Brabender was the knowhow in the development and production of world-leading measuring instruments, which the company has built up since its foundation 100 years ago,” commented Anton Paar CEO Dr Friedrich Santner. “In line with its own long-term strategy, Anton Paar will sustainably expand and further strengthen Brabender’s sites in Duisburg and Hackensack (USA).”

Brabender’s approximately 200 employees will become part of Anton Paar. The acquisition represents a clear commitment to progress, according to Brabender Executive Director Dr David Szczesny. “Being part of the Anton Paar Group opens up many opportunities for us – in research and development of our innovative products as well as in sales and service. For us, this is a great move that will definitely benefit our employees and customers.”

Brabender’s best-known instrument is probably the Farinograph. Developed by company founder Carl Wilhelm Brabender in 1928, it was the first – and is still the most widely used – instrument for testing the quality of flour. It is mainly used in flour mills, by baking agent manufacturers, and large bakeries. The Farinograph is a component of the three-phase system developed by Brabender to investigate and describe the processes involved in the production of baked goods (dough preparation, proofing, gelatinization): The Farinograph measures the potential water absorption of flour and the kneading properties of dough. The Extensograph analyzes the stretching properties of dough and the Amylograph examines the gelatinization properties of starch in flour.

Another extremely successful Brabender product group includes various models of single-screw and twin-screw extruders. The machines, which are offered as compact or modular versions, are mixing and conveying devices that press solid or viscous materials under pressure through a shaping orifice. Industries in which they are used include the food industry, for pasta production, and the plastics industry. Extrusion technology also plays an important role in achieving global sustainability goals: Brabender extruders are used to develop, among other things, alternative protein sources for meat-substitute applications.

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