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Apparo and Döhler team up for sustainable F&B solutions

June 13, 2024

The food and beverage industry is facing a double challenge: meeting the ever-growing demand for delicious and nutritious products while minimizing environmental impact. In a significant step towards a more sustainable future, plant-based protein innovator Apparo and ingredient solutions giant Döhler have announced a groundbreaking joint development agreement. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the F&B landscape by developing innovative ingredients derived from upcycled food byproducts.

Apparo's unique strength lies in its 'total crop utilization system'. This technology goes beyond traditional processing methods, recovering valuable protein and other nutrients from what would otherwise be discarded as waste. Think leftover fruit pulp from juice production, or the husks of grains after milling. Apparo's system gives these byproducts a new lease on life, transforming them into functional and nutritious ingredients for food and beverage applications.

Döhler, on the other hand, is a recognized leader in the industry, boasting a vast portfolio of natural ingredient solutions. The company understands the critical role sustainability plays in the future of food, and Apparo's upcycling approach aligns perfectly with their vision. This partnership leverages the strengths of both companies, combining Apparo's ingenuity in upcycling with Döhler's extensive experience in formulating and integrating ingredients.

The collaboration has the potential to unlock a new wave of sustainable and delicious F&B products. Imagine protein bars enriched with upcycled fruit pomace, or creamy plant-based yogurts made with protein derived from leftover grains. These are just a few possibilities that could emerge from this exciting partnership.

"We are incredibly enthusiastic about working with Döhler," commented Ian Mackay, CEO of Apparo. "Their established reputation and market reach, combined with our innovative upcycling technology, creates a powerful force for positive change in the F&B industry."

The potential benefits extend far beyond just creating delicious and sustainable products. Upcycling food byproducts reduces waste sent to landfills, minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, by utilizing existing resources more efficiently, this collaboration can contribute to a more secure and stable food supply chain.

The impact could be significant. According to a recent industry report, food waste accounts for a staggering amount of global greenhouse gas emissions. By upcycling these byproducts, Apparo and Döhler are actively contributing to a more sustainable food system.

The future of food is about finding innovative solutions that are both delicious and responsible. This partnership between Apparo and Döhler represents a significant step forward in that direction. With their combined expertise and commitment to sustainability, they are poised to revolutionize the F&B industry, offering consumers more choices that are good for their health and the planet.

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