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Arkeon increases its capitalization to +€10 million in additional fundraiser

December 23, 2022

Launched just over a year ago, Vienna-based tech startup Arkeon has secured additional capital investments to build out its CO2 utilization technology for converting carbon dioxide directly into protein ingredients. After the company had successfully closed its seed round with leading food and climate tech investors at the beginning of 2022, key milestone achievements led the company to secure additional resources from new strategic investors, including ICL, aws Gruenderfonds, FoodHack and Tet Ventures.

With more than €10 million in overall funding to date, the capital will be allocated towards further investments in product development, technology buildout, and infrastructure expansion. This includes a new R&D hub to accelerate the scaling of Arkeon's production process, while setting the course for industrial applications of the company's products.

"We are thrilled about the support we are getting from our new strategic partners as well as the strong commitment of our existing investors to make sustainable production of protein ingredients a reality", stated Dr Gregor Tegl, Co-Founder & CEO of Arkeon.

With a team that comprises of world-leading archaea biologists, process engineers, food scientists, and fermentation technologists, the company sets out to change food production on a global scale.

Using a technology that does not rely on land, animals, or large quantities of water, Arkeon enables companies to improve existing products, create new ones, and lessen their carbon footprint.

The company’s customizable B2B products can be used as clean label ingredients for food and beverages, alternative proteins, flavors and aromas, supplements, as well as cell culture media for cultivated meat. By producing nutritious, functional, and sustainable protein ingredients, Arkeon allows the transformation of resource-intensive industries into sustainable, low-emission systems.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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