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Astanor Ventures secures €360 million in final closing of its second venture fund

September 19, 2023

Astanor Ventures, a global leader in agrifood tech impact investing, has announced that it has successfully closed its second venture fund at €360 million (US$320 million).

“We are thrilled to share the successful closing of our second venture fund and prove that among a continuously changing environment and economy, Astanor is here to stay,” said Eric Archambeau, Co-founder & Partner of Astanor. “When looking at new companies to invest in, our approach will continue to always look for highly disruptive and scalable business models, driven by ambitious entrepreneurs who also share our vision of sustainable and resilient agrifood and bioeconomy systems.”

This latest closing tops Astanor’s existing various funds and special purpose vehicles altogether amounting to circa €800 million (US$852 million) assets under management. Over the past six years, Astanor went from launching a first fund to building a firm led by a passionate team and backed by long-term investors with whom it has built collaborative relationships. The continuous engagement of large family offices and institutional 'repeat' investors demonstrates the company's success in scaling its firm and its resilience in a turbulent economy. This proves that despite fluctuating market trends, the sectors of agrifood tech and bioeconomy at large remain intrinsically captivating and ripe for innovation, especially with the renewed global attention on the climate crisis and an increased demand for sustainable options. Astanor's decision to raise its second venture fund at this juncture is a testament to the company's ability to seize opportune moments for investors, maximizing returns while contributing to material impact creation.

Building upon the success of its first venture fund, Astanor remains committed to its core investment strategy of supporting early-stage and mission-driven companies that have identified a social or environmental issue and have developed a nature positive solution to resolve it. The agrifood value chain is a complex and interdependent sector which requires investors to take a holistic view to achieve system change. Over the years, Astanor has developed an extensive network of entrepreneurs, experts, scientists, leaders, and policy makers allowing Astanor to identify the innovative technologies that will drive the bioeconomy, with a specific emphasis on solutions that foster regenerative agriculture. Thanks to this ecosystem, Astanor invested in more than 45 promising companies and mission-driven founders all over the world. This focus aligns with Astanor's core values of climate transition, nature positivity, resource efficiency, and the betterment of social and health outcomes.

"As we witness the ever-evolving landscape of the agrifood market, it becomes increasingly evident that innovation is not an option but a necessity," added Hendrik Van Asbroeck, Partner at Astanor Ventures. "The challenges we face today, from climate change to resource scarcity, demand a transformation in how we produce, distribute, and consume food. Astanor Ventures is dedicated to playing a pivotal role in this transformation by supporting visionary entrepreneurs who are redefining the future of agrifood, paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient global food system."

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