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Australian food-tech makes waves in APAC with its unapologetic approach to precision fermentation

June 7, 2023

All G Foods, an Australia-based food-tech company and APAC leader in precision fermentation, is advancing its development of a wide range of cultured dairy products for the region. The company's cutting-edge Innovation Centre and Bio-Foundry is based in Sydney, Australia, and the team are working to develop cultured dairy products that put nutrition and taste first, surpassing current cultured dairy product offerings and plant-based alternatives. All G Foods’ ability to harness the potential of casein and lactoferrin proteins is crucial to the company’s transformational endeavour.

Precision fermentation is frequently misunderstood and incorrectly grouped into the same category as 'cultivated' or 'lab grown' meat.

Precision fermentation involves inserting the DNA encoding proteins into microflora and then feeding the microflora sugars and water to produce nature identical proteins. The proteins are then filtered out from the microflora, with end products containing only proteins that are nature identical.

By contrast, 'cultivated' or 'lab grown' meat involves harvesting a host animal’s cells and then allowing those cells to multiply and grow. Once enough cells have grown, these are formulated into an edible meat product.

All G Foods is unambiguous in what its technology is not: it is neither plant based nor grown from the cells of host animals. A 2022 consumer research study found that market misinformation has altered opinions of cultured dairy. However, after understanding the role of natural microflora, respondents in the study stated reassurance and reframed their perceptions of cultured dairy as natural and not genetically modified or artificial.

The boom of precision fermentation is upon us. In this rush, some companies have hastily provided information about this innovative technology that compromises accuracy, and results in market misunderstandings. One of the most widespread myths is that the precision fermented dairy products that exist in the market today offer the same functionality as traditional dairy. This simply is not true. To date, none of the other food-tech companies focusing on precision fermenting dairy proteins can produce or offer products that have the same aroma, taste, nutritional value, and functional qualities as traditional dairy milk.

All G Foods is committed to transparency in the company’s progress and journey, highlighting the considerable obstacles involved in unlocking caseins and lactoferrin, the two key proteins required in replicating traditional dairy.

Lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein, found naturally in milk. It is a multifunctional protein with numerous functions in the body, including delivering prebiotic defenses, antibacterial action, immunological modulation, and iron metabolism. Lactoferrin has been reported to provide a variety of possible health benefits, including immune system support, gut health promotion, and bone density improvement. It is sold as a supplement and is used as an ingredient in infant formula and other products such as nutraceuticals.

Caseins, meanwhile, are proteins that provide a major functional contribution to milk and dairy products. They account for around 80% of the protein in cow’s milk.

Casein proteins are soluble in milk, but they can form insoluble clumps, or 'curds', when milk is acidified, or cheese-making enzymes are introduced. Because of this feature, they are essential in the manufacturing of several dairy products, including cheese and yoghurt.

Caseins are also employed in the food industry as a protein source in dietary supplements and as an ingredient in foods like confectionery and baked goods.

Caseins are high-quality proteins that contain all the essential amino acids required for a healthy body. They are digested and absorbed more slowly than other proteins, which can aid in the promotion of satiety.

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