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Avebe launches PerfectaSOL: a next-generation potato protein

December 4, 2023

Royal Avebe, the pioneering farmers’ cooperative known for its innovative potato-based ingredients, has announced the launch of PerfectaSOL, the next generation of potato protein products. The company launched the game-changing next-generation PerfectaSOL at Fi Europe last week in Frankfurt, Germany, in products ranging from delicious veggie donuts and ‘aloo tikki’ potato cookies.

As pioneers in the field since 2006 with their Solanic potato protein, Avebe has constantly strived to contribute to the evolution of plant-based protein, and PerfectaSOL represents a significant step forward. One of the key highlights of PerfectaSOL is its ability to create consumer products with exceptional texture. In collaboration with their customers, the company got substantially better results when it came to creating end-products with convincing taste and texture.

Beyond replicating existing animal-based products, PerfectaSOL opens up a world of possibilities for creating next-generation, stand-alone plant-based consumer products. A joint effort from a food designer and Avebe’s R&D team made recently new concepts such as ‘aloo tikki’ potato cookies and veggie donuts, but the potential for evolution is truly limitless. Avebe aims to captivate a broader audience, extending beyond vegans and vegetarians, by delivering unique and enticing plant-based experiences.

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