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Ayala’s ACTIVE fund invests in UK-based biotech company

June 19, 2023

Biotechnology company, Roslin Technologies, has successfully raised a multi-million-dollar investment from the Ayala Corporate Technology Innovation Venture Fund (ACTIVE Fund) of Kickstart Ventures, a corporate venture capital (CVC) firm wholly-owned by Globe Telecom.

This investment follows Roslin Technologies’ successful Series A round of £11.5 million (US$14.7 million) in late 2022.

The UK-based biotechnology company is the first and leading company that focuses on animal stem cell technology for the emerging cultivated meat sector. It specializes in stem cell technology for cultivated meat, which is meat grown directly from animal cells without raising animals.

This new investment will help solidify Roslin Tech’s footprint in Asia, which is considered a strategic market for the company’s technology. It is also seen to offer multiple transformative solutions to the persistent and complex issue of food insecurity demands.

Based in Scotland, Roslin Technologies spun out from Roslin Institute, known for its ground-breaking invention of Dolly the Sheep in the mid-1990s. Roslin Technologies is the first and leading company to provide animal stem cells to cultivated meat producers across the world.

Kickstart Ventures’ investment will help solidify Roslin Technologies’ footprint in Asia, a strategic market for the company’s technology. It will also further strengthen Rosin Technologies’ international shareholder base, which includes the University of Edinburgh, Future Planet Capital, Novo Holdings, Kairos Capital Group, and Nutreco, and other international investors.

Apart from the investment, Kickstart Ventures will also provide an observer on the board so the biotechnology company can benefit from the CVC’s expertise

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