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Bel Group and Standing Ovation form a strategic partnership to meet the challenge of proteins for the future

November 15, 2022

Bel Group, a major player in healthy snacking with cheese brands such as Babybel, The Laughing Cow and Boursin, and the start-up Standing Ovation have announced an exclusive partnership to incorporate casein milk protein, the main milk proteins, produced thanks to Standing Ovation’s technology, in Bel’s alternative cheese offerings. In September, Bel acquired an equity stake in Standing Ovation.

Diversification of quality protein resources is essential to feed a growing population, projected to reach 10 billion by 2050. Faced with this reality, and firmly committed to offering healthier and more responsible food for all, Bel Group is investing in development of proteins for the future, in addition to developing high-quality dairy products, fruit products, and plant-based offerings.

To this end, the Group has signed an exclusive partnership for cheese applications with the French start-up Standing Ovation.

Standing Ovation has developed an innovative precision fermentation process that produces caseins of non-animal origin. These proteins are identical to those naturally present in milk, and provide all the nutritional qualities, functionality, and traditional good taste of cheese. Standing Ovation’s casein protein also paves the way for products with a lower environmental impact and greater accessibility.

Bel and Standing Ovation’s scientific teams will work hand in hand at Bel’s R&D center in Vendôme, France, and at Standing Ovation’s facility in Paris, on the application of Standing Ovation’s technology to selected Bel products. As part of the collaboration, Standing Ovation will bring its ability to produce casein by fermentation and Bel will bring its unique cheese-making expertise and ability to integrate innovation into its products and processes.

“I am delighted with this exclusive partnership which perfectly illustrates how our Group is committed to FoodTech for the future of food," said Caroline Sorlin, Bel Group Chief Venture Officer. "It also demonstrates the confidence that innovative start-ups like Standing Ovation have in us to transform the food model. Combining the knowledge and skills of such a start-up and a Group like ours guarantees that we will be able to offer products that will meet consumers' expectations tomorrow.”

“Caseins are essential to the quality of cheeses – they are nutritious and provide firmness, texture, and the capacity to melt," added Anne Pitkowski, Bel Group Research and Application Director. "Standing Ovation's technology combined with our knowledge of the links between structure and function will enable all these features – and more – to be developed. Our unique cheese-making expertise will put these advances into practice. This partnership opens many possibilities for imagining tomorrow’s cheese recipes and products, combining nutritional quality, accessibility, and responsibility.”

“We have developed a unique process to produce non-animal caseins," concluded Frédéric Pâques and Romain Chayot, respectively President and Scientific Director, Co-founders of Standing Ovation. "Our ambition today is to see the first products arrive on the market quickly, with a very wide distribution. We are proud to partner with Bel Group to accelerate the deployment of these alternative proteins, whose market is growing exponentially, and where we want to play a key role. We look forward to working with a Group with proven cheese expertise, iconic brands and a collaboration model that is ideal for start-ups.”

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