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Bel Group Canada launches The Laughing Cow Plant-Based

May 24, 2024

Following the launches of Boursin Dairy Free and Babybel Plant Based, Bel Canada Group has announced the launch of a delicious plant-based version of one of its most iconic brands, The Laughing Cow. This continues to support Bel Group's global ambition of offering a more balanced range of products by 2030, with 50% dairy products and 50% fruit and plant-based products. The Bel Group's mission is to offer healthy and responsible food for all, while bringing products that answer consumers' needs and expectations.

"This plant-based version of The Laughing Cow is bringing the brand's experience and know-how in creamy, delicious spreadable cheese to the plant-based category, where a better taste and textural product experience is needed, commented Marie-Eve Robert, Vice President Marketing & CSR, at Bel Group Canada. "For our plant-based offerings, we always collaborate closely with consumers to make sure we are getting the taste, texture, and quality just right. In fact, our consumers essentially serve as final decision makers in our innovations."

With this announcement, Bel Group Canada's three core brands now have their plant-based versions in Canada, including Boursin Dairy-Free, Babybel Plant-Based and The Laughing Cow Plant-Based, bringing an experience that mimics the desirable sensorial attributes of their dairy counterparts. One of the key barriers for consumers to eating more plant-based cheese alternatives is taste. Bel Group is innovating and using their know-how to overcome this barrier with great-tasting alternatives. For example, in a consumer taste test conducted amongst flexitarian Canadians, 94% agreed that The Laughing Cow Plant-Based is a great-tasting product.

The new plant-based product, made with almonds, is available in the convenient triangle format The Laughing Cow is known and loved for, offering individual portions as an efficient way to avoid food waste. It is suitable for every occasion and perfect for snacking and lunchboxes. The almonds used in this product come from a Spain-based supplier who uses sustainable agricultural technologies including respecting the fauna, reusing agricultural waste, and responsible water usage.

The Bel Canadian portfolio now comprises 57% plant-based and fruit products and 43% dairy products, contributing to the group's global ambitions, while reducing our carbon footprint locally. Other plant-based products in the company's portfolio include Nurishh plant-based cheese alternative (slices, shreds, blocs). Overall, Bel Group Canada plant-based cheese alternative products have been in constant progression, with +51% growth in 2023 while gaining the most shares in this category with +3.1 points. Aditionnally, GoGo SqueeZ, which represent 80% of market shares in the fruit sauce pouch category, is growing at +13,9% in the past year, while the category grew by 9.4%.

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