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Better Balance launches plant-based hot dog

August 28, 2023

Better Balance has announced its newest partnership with Chicago’s award-winning vegan restaurant, Kale My Name.

Founded by Nemanja 'Neman' Golubovic, Kale My Name offers a tasty and approachable fast-casual dining experience with a menu that has been awarded numerous accolades including 'Best Vegan Casual Restaurant in the Country' by VegNews Magazine; 'Best Vegan Restaurant in Chicago' by Chicago Reader; and most recently, 'Vegan Restaurant of the Year' by VegOut Magazine. In addition to featuring Better Balance on his restaurant’s menu, Golubovic is also Better Balance’s newest and official brand spokesperson for the Chicago market.

“The first product I tried from Better Balance was the dairy-free sour cream, and I was immediately in love,” said Golubovic, Founder & CEO of Kale My Name. “After going vegan, I thought I’d never have anything like sour cream again. I have tried many alternatives, but none have ever lived up to the taste. Enter Better Balance! The texture and flavor are incredible, and I finally have a delicious, quality sour cream product I can confidently offer to my customers.”

Beginning this week, Kale My Name will be the first restaurant in the Chicago market, as well as one of the first in the country, to offer Better Balance’s new hot dog, 'Better Dog'. Better Dog menu items will include the 'Big Daddy Special', featuring two Better Dogs in a bun, topped with tasty caramelized grilled onions, house-made relish, pickled jalapeños and classic yellow mustard, served with a side of fries. Meanwhile, the Better Balance Chicago Dog is a plant-based take on the infamous hot dog, and will feature a single Better Dog on a poppy seed bun topped with yellow mustard, sweet relish, sliced tomatoes, diced onions, a kosher dill pickle spear, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt

The menu will also feature items and specials made with Better Balance’s dairy-free Better Sour Cream as well as Better Shreds, a pork and chicken alternative.

“The Better Dog is without a doubt the most delicious and realistic plant-based hot dog I’ve ever tried," continued Golubovic. "I immediately knew I had to incorporate it on our menu. Living in Chicago where hot dogs are king, it’s hard to impress customers with a good vegan dog. I’ve been waiting for the perfect alternative and Better Balance came through! Partnering with Better Balance has helped continue Kale My Name’s mission of showing people how fun and delicious vegan food can be and I’m excited to see what we will do together.”

Better Balance’s plant-based hot dog was first launched in Spain in June 2022 and was met with rave reviews from consumers. Within just five months of the launch, it became the number one selling product in the hot dog and sausage category. To date, Better Balance’s plant-based hot dog has received numerous awards including 'Best Product' in the plant-based category at Men’s Health Spain’s 2023 Innovation Awards, 'Product of the Year' by Gran Premio a la Innovación, and 'Product of the Year' by Sabor Del Año.

The Better Dog will be available for food service beginning August 2023, with grocery retail to follow.

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