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Beyond Impact releases insightful guide into one of the fastest-growing sectors in the US economy

March 4, 2024

Beyond Impact, a leading name in sustainable investment, has announced the launch of its most recent White Paper, Exploring Growth and Investment Opportunities in the Plant-Based Market in the United States. This in-depth resource is thoroughly insightful for investors, industry professionals and those interested in critical developments relating to the rapidly evolving landscape of US plant-based products.

From environmental consciousness to technological advancements, there are several key reasons why the US market is increasing. The growing number of companies in the industry are all contributing to the market’s growth and innovation.

This publication includes various topics covering aspects such as an overview of the market landscape in the USA, key players, companies and organizations driving growth in the sector, and what factors are contributing to this exponential growth.

"We are extremely excited to release this white paper and share impactful information on how quickly this important industry is growing," commented Claire Smith, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Beyond Impact. "With shifting consumer focuses it is for us all to be aware of trends in the industry and what we can anticipate for the future. This resource provides a great deal of relevant data and knowledge that is beneficial for individuals and businesses alike."

As of 2022, the total retail plant-based food sales in the USA amounted to US$8 billion (The Good Food Institute, 2021). However, it is estimated that by the 2030s, the proportion of plant-based meat within the global meat market is expected to increase to 5-10% or more (Dongoski, 2023). Statistics such as this show where the industry is trending towards.

You can download a free copy of the report here

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