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Beyond Meat expands award-winning chicken portfolio

November 8, 2022

Beyond Meat has just launched Beyond Chicken Nuggets and Beyond Popcorn Chicken, the latest additions to Beyond Meat's chicken platform that also includes Beyond Chicken Tenders. The new plant-based chicken products will launch at more than 5,000 Kroger and Walmart stores nationwide, as well as at select Albertsons and Ahold divisions and other retailers across the country.

Beyond Chicken Nuggets and Beyond Popcorn Chicken satisfy consumers' craving for delicious chicken options that are better for people and the planet. The two new products offer nutritional benefits like having 14g of plant-based protein derived from a blend of faba bean and pea, 50% less saturated fat than a leading brand of traditional breaded chicken nuggets, 0mg of cholesterol, and no added antibiotics, hormones or soy.

Beyond Chicken Nuggets come pre-cooked and can be conveniently made in the air fryer in under five minutes, offering parents a delicious, quick and lunchbox-friendly option that kids will love. Beyond Popcorn Chicken is a bite-sized party favorite made easy that goes from freezer to plate in just a few minutes in the air fryer.

“We're always exploring new plant-based protein sources that deliver the taste and texture of its animal protein equivalent and are proud that by using faba bean protein we've been able to create a portfolio of absolutely delicious plant-based chicken products with no added soy, a key differentiator for our Beyond Chicken products within the category,” said Dariush Ajami, Chief Innovation Officer.

This launch, part of Beyond Meat's commitment to rapid and relentless innovation, builds upon the , a revolutionary, plant-based protein designed to deliver the juicy, tender and delicious bite of seared steak tips. With 21g of protein per serving, Beyond Steak offers nutritional benefits including being low in saturated fat and having 0 mg of cholesterol and no added antibiotics or hormones. Beyond Steak is available at more than 5,000 Kroger and Walmart stores nationwide, as well as select Albertsons and Ahold divisions and other retailers across the country and in food-service.

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