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Beyond Meat named first-ever official plant-based meat partner of Madison Square Garden, New York Knicks and New York Rangers

October 16, 2023

Madison Square Garden Sports Corp and Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp last week announced a new partnership with Beyond Meat, Inc, a leader in plant-based meat, naming the brand the first-ever Official Plant-Based Meat Partner of Madison Square Garden, New York Knicks, Knicks Gaming (NBA 2K League), New York Rangers, and the Arena Concert Series at Madison Square Garden.

The GO BEYOND GRILL, a brand-new, first-of-its-kind dedicated concession stand, will exclusively feature and serve Beyond Meat's delicious plant-based meat products in the Madison Square Garden sixth floor concourse, and will be open during events at The Garden including sports, music and live entertainment. Beyond Meat products that will be available at the stand include the new Beyond Smashable Burger, the new, meatier Beyond Sausage®, and two exclusive dishes featuring Beyond Steak, a certified heart-healthy food by the American Heart Association.

Featured menu items at the GO BEYOND GRILL to include the Beyond Burger – Broadway Edition, the Beyond OG Bratwurst Sausage, the Beyond Spicy 'Showtime' Sausage, the Beyond Empire State of Nachos, the Beyond The Garden Steak Tacos, and Beyond Chili and the City.

In addition, select Beyond Meat products will be available at multiple concession stands throughout The Garden, including at Garden Market, making them easily accessible to the millions of visitors The Garden hosts annually.

"Beyond Meat's environmentally-friendly, nutritious products are a perfect match for Madison Square Garden as we continuously strive to deliver a wide array of food and beverage options for our fans – with a focus on sustainability," commented David Hopkinson, President & COO, MSG Sports, who oversees global marketing and brand partnerships across the MSG family of companies. "We are so proud to welcome Beyond Meat to the MSG family as our first-ever Official Plant-Based Meat Partner."

"Madison Square Garden is one of the world's most iconic venues, reaching millions of consumers each year through their robust schedule of sports, music and live entertainment events. We are proud to partner with The Garden to bring increased choice to their fans and make it even easier for event attendees to Go Beyond this season with food options that are not only delicious and satisfying, but that provide robust nutritional and environmental benefits," said Akerho 'AK' Oghoghomeh, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Beyond Meat.

As part of this partnership, Beyond Meat will receive significant brand promotion during Knicks and Rangers games at The Garden, including in-game LED and dasherboard signage for regular season games televised on MSG Network, as well as LED signage during concerts. Beyond Meat will partner with the Knicks and Rangers digital teams on two custom original content series that will be shown across Knicks and Rangers digital channels.

Beyond Meat's products are made from simple, plant-based ingredients and offer a good source of protein with less saturated fat than their animal protein equivalents, and no cholesterol or added antibiotics and hormones.

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