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Beyond Meat takes plant-based meat to the next level with new 'Chicken-Style' range in the UK

April 28, 2023

Beyond Meat, the plant-based meat pioneer, is expanding its portfolio in the UK with the launch of its Beyond Burger Chicken-Style, Beyond Fillet, and Beyond Nuggets products. The Beyond Burger Chicken-Style is now available at select Waitrose stores, with all three products set to hit select Sainsbury’s branches in early May.

Made from plant-based ingredients, the new chicken-style products are designed to look, cook, and taste like their animal-based counterparts. They are crispy on the outside thanks to the golden breading, and incredibly tender and juicy on the inside. The products are suitable for carnivores, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans alike, providing a protein-packed and tasty addition to any meal occasion. They can be prepared quickly and easily in the air fryer, oven or frying pan, making them a convenient option for solo dinners or the whole family.

The launch coincides with the Coronation celebrations, and Beyond Meat has created a plant-based version of one of the nation’s most-loved and versatile street party foods – Coronation Chicken. A range of recipes to inspire creativity in the kitchen for the Coronation and beyond are available on their website, including a special Beyond Coronation Chic-King Sarnie created by plant-based guru Sam Jones of No Meat Disco.

With sales of plant-based meat across Europe growing by 21% from 2020 to 2022, according to the latest study by GFI, consumers are increasingly swapping animal meat for plant-based alternatives. Sustainability, animal welfare and balanced lifestyle are cited as key factors in driving this shift in dietary habits. Beyond Meat is responding to this increased demand by introducing new products to the market.

“In our quest to make plant-based meat more accessible, we’re constantly adapting and refining our portfolio to meet different European taste preferences," said Steve Dalby, Regional Sales Manager UK at Beyond Meat. "After launching beef- and pork-style products in the UK over the past years, we’re delighted to be introducing Brits to our tasty new Chicken-Style range. Innovation is at the heart of Beyond Meat, and our delicious new plant-based burger, fillet and nuggets will allow people to continue eating what they love, no sacrifice required.”

The new Beyond Chicken-Style products are made from a combination of wheat gluten and the fava bean, a nutrient-packed legume crop that provides the optimal ingredient for replicating the taste and texture of traditional chicken. The products complement Beyond Meat’s existing portfolio in the UK, which includes Beyond Burger, Beyond Sausage, Beyond Mince, and Beyond Meatballs, and builds upon the company’s award-winning chicken-style portfolio in the USA.

The launch of the new Beyond Meat Chicken-Style range provides consumers with a delicious and convenient plant-based alternative to traditional chicken, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation and meeting the growing demand for sustainable and ethical food options.

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