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Beyond Meat unveils new and expanded line of Beyond Crumbles, now certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Program and the American Diabetes Association’s Better Choices for Life Program

April 1, 2024

Beyond Meat has announced a newly renovated and expanded line of 'Beyond Crumbles' rolling out now in the freezer aisle at grocery stores across the USA. The next generation of the company’s plant-based crumbles will be available in three flavors and have a good source of protein, are low in saturated fat, and meet the rigorous nutrition criteria of the American Heart Association’s distinguished Heart-Check Food Certification Program and the American Diabetes Association’s Better Choices for Life Program.

Beyond Crumbles are bite-sized crumbles that go from frozen to finished in just a few minutes for a delicious and healthy protein option at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Made with clean and simple plant-based ingredients, Beyond Crumbles have 12g of protein per serving with less than 1g of saturated fat and no cholesterol – nutritionals that make it a heart-healthy food. These new plant-based crumbles will be available in Beyond Beef Crumbles Original, Beyond Beef Crumbles Feisty, and the newest flavor, Beyond Sausage Crumbles Italian-Style, which will be available this summer. Convenient and easy to prepare, simply sauté the crumbles for four minutes in a skillet before adding them to your favorite dish or sauce.

“We continue to innovate across our product lines to deliver delicious taste and health benefits alike," said Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat Founder & CEO. "For consumers who love the taste and versatility of beef, but want to reduce saturated fat and cholesterol in their diet, Beyond Crumbles offer a convenient, healthy protein for the center of the plate. Beyond Crumbles’ strong nutritional profile, coupled with its simple and clean ingredient list, earned the product certification by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check program and the American Diabetes Association’s Better Choices for Life program,”

As part of Beyond Meat’s commitment to innovating for human health, this announcement follows Beyond Steak’s earlier certifications by the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. Additionally, the company recently announced its new Beyond IV platform, the fourth generation of the Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef, with significant advancements across taste, health and clean label. The new Beyond IV products, which will launch at grocery stores across the USA this spring, are the result of a multi-year research effort that included working with leading medical and nutrition experts to meet the standards of top health organizations.

The Heart-Check Mark is part of the American Heart Association’s mission to fight heart disease and stroke, with cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death in the USA. The American Heart Association’s Heart Check Food Certification program provides consumers with an easy and reliable system for identifying healthier foods when reading nutrition labels. When consumers see the Heart-Check Mark, they instantly know the food has been certified to meet the nutritional requirements of the American Heart Association, including being low in saturated fat and sodium, and having over 10% of the Daily Value of essential nutrients.

With 1.2 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes every year, the Better Choices for Life Program uses the American Diabetes Association’s evidence-based guidelines to help consumers make informed choices about the foods they purchase. Nutrition is an important component of diabetes treatment and prevention. Consuming adequate protein is essential for those with and without diabetes, and according to the American Diabetes Association, plant-based proteins provide quality protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

Beyond Meat is proud to support scientific and evidence-based research on the health implications of shifting from animal-based meat to plant-based meat. For example, in the SWAP-MEAT study, which was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers reported the positive impacts of replacing animal-based meat with Beyond Meat’s plant-based meat over an eight-week period, including the improvement of several cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as LDL cholesterol levels and TMAO. Beyond Meat continues to support ongoing studies at the Plant-Based Diet Initiative at Stanford University School of Medicine and also has a multi-year agreement with the American Cancer Society to advance research on plant-based meat and cancer prevention.

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