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BlueNalu establishes scientific advisory board to support scale-up and consumer launch

October 31, 2022

Cell-cultured seafood company, BlueNalu, has announced the formation of a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to support its next stages of growth. The inaugural board represents a diverse group of internationally renowned technology experts with deep knowledge and proven expertise in innovation, product development, bioprocessing, engineering, sensory science and systems biology. The SAB will work with the team to accelerate the large-scale commercialization plans of BlueNalu’s cell-cultured seafood and is expected to serve as a conduit to connect the team to advantageous resources, innovative solutions and critical collaborations.  

“We have thoughtfully developed an accomplished and synergistic board that will support the company's aggressive technology goals," said Lauran Madden, Chief Technology Officer at BlueNalu. "Each member has more than 20 years of experience engineering innovative solutions and collectively, we believe their depth and breadth are unmatched. In this critical new food tech space, we want the best minds to be seated at our table, and we feel we accomplish that with this team. Its formation is an important next step in accelerating scale-up technology solutions to commercialize cell-cultured seafood that is cost effective, safe and aligned with product benefits that consumers love.”  

The SAB will work closely with BlueNalu’s senior leadership and functional teams to provide their unique perspectives and strategic guidance with the goal to improve and accelerate the company’s cell-cultured seafood production and problem-solve the forthcoming large-scale commercialization challenges.  

The SAB includes four seasoned and highly effective scientific thought leaders with world-class expertise:

Jennifer Jo Wiseman is a consumer product virtuoso, masterfully in tune with the human experience and using that knowledge to bring innovative and successful food, beverage, and personal care products to market. Throughout her 35 year long career, her work has centered around the consumer to create products that build better lives for people. An artful and holistic leader, she creates teams that bridge the gap between product development and market launch to enable better business results. Her diverse experience spans small and large companies including E & J Gallo Winery, where she led global innovation as vice president of central innovation and vice president of consumer and product insights and development; PepsiCo; Proctor & Gamble; and The Gillette Company, where her proudest team contribution was the Venus Razor system that resulted in mammoth success and revolutionized the landscape for women’s personal care.

Geoffrey Margolis is a master inventor and an accomplished engineer with 25+ patents to date. With an over 50 year long career as a highly innovative chemical and food engineer, he has worked in a diverse array of sectors including food, coffee, wine, cacao, medical devices, urology and renewable energy. He specializes in the development and manufacture of breakthrough products that provide significant consumer benefits and value at much lower costs. He has executed high-stakes technology projects with clients like Califia Farms, Taco Bell Corp, E & J Gallo Winery, Mars Symbiosciences & Heliae Corp. He spent several years in Switzerland as director and head of LINOR (Nestlé’s largest New Product's Development Center), where during this period, he led the development and implementation of many of Nestle’s globally successful new commercial products.

Daniel Gold is an innovative entrepreneur with the Midas touch. A proven leader, he has pioneered bioprocess solutions in industrial and pharmaceutical biotechnology at both small and large companies over his 40 year long career. He has built teams and led large groups in process development for upstream, downstream, formulations, and analytical development. Previously he was CSO at FujiFilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, SVP of Process Development and Manufacturing at Human Genome Sciences, CEO at Sutro Biopharma, and GVP Process Sciences at BioMarin Pharmaceutical. He has experience bringing products from development to clinical trials and to market and building out large-scale commercial facilities. His background includes intellectual property with the successful close of numerous blockbuster technology licensing deals.

Nitin Baliga is the senior vice president, director, professor and founding member at Institute for Systems Biology. His ability to apply novel systems biology approaches to diverse complex problems makes Nitin a secret weapon. He uses a systems approach to construct predictive models of cellular and molecular networks within pathogens, cancer cells, and microbial communities to enable biotechnologies to overcome drug resistance, find new drugs, predict the consequences of climate change, and manufacture bio-renewables. In addition to his role as editor of many leading journals, he also serves on scientific advisory boards for numerous academic and industrial organizations and has been instrumental in research program planning and review for the National Science Foundation and Department of Energy.

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