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Boojum kicks off 2024 with new plant-based, meat-free alternative

January 9, 2024

The Mexican food joint, Boojum, has launched a new plant-based, meat-free alternative as part of their 2024 Veganuary campaign. Modelled off the traditional Latin American dish, [MOCK] Carne Asada is rich, sweet, smoky and, in a Boojum first, is paired with their new Guajillo Chilli dipping sauce. The limited-edition dish has been rolled out today across Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland and will only be available for Boojum fanatics during the month of January.

The Irish-owned company has once again teamed up with UK-based, meat free alternative, [MOCK], for the second year running following on from the huge success of their original collaboration last year with [MOCK] Alt-Pastor, which proved so popular it became a permanent fixture on the menu.

[MOCK] Beef has been carefully curated to ensure that it tastes just like the real thing, and paired with the new Guajillo Chilli dipping sauce, it comes packed with all the traditional big, bold, Boojum flavours.

The new sauce sees the company put their spin on the new viral food craze that has taken TikTok and Instagram by storm – the coveted dipping pot. This medium heat dipping sauce is included in every [MOCK] Carne Asada meal and can also be added to any other main meal.

“Every Veganuary, we challenge ourselves to release a product that is vegan friendly but still has all the taste and flavours that pack the same punch as our traditional meat options," commented Paul McCullagh, Head of Marketing.

"Two of our three previous Veganuary products have made their way to our permanent menu due to unprecedented demand by veggies and non-veggies alike. This is something we are very proud of, and it tells us that the blend of ingredients our chefs carefully curate to make our vegan products taste just like traditional Mexican dishes, really do work. As well as the launch of our delicious [MOCK] Carne Asada, we are also excited to launch our Guajillo Chilli dipping sauce, a first for us and the perfect addition to any Boojum order. The messier the better, I say!

"As we see the popularity of Veganuary start to dwindle with other major food companies, we remain committed to delivering delicious vegan products and options for Boojum fans, while still helping protect the planet and change perceptions on plant-based produce!”

“When Boojum got in touch and asked us to collaborate again, it was a no brainer due to last year’s success," added Harpreet Gill, Founder at [MOCK]. "We’re very proud of this new collaboration, and we are confident that Boojum’s customers will love [MOCK] Carne Asada just as much as they love [MOCK]® Alt Pastor – possibly even more!”

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