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Bosque Foods Unveils Next-Gen “Solid-State” Mycelium Meat Alternatives

Bosque Foods – the mycelium meat specialist formerly known as Kinoko Labs – has given a sampling for investors in Berlin. ProVeg Incubator alumnus Bosque Foods unveiled its mycelium-based pork and chicken fillets made through a unique solid-state fermentation method.

“The method of solid-state fermentation that Bosque Foods is developing, can be a real game-changer for the alternative protein space”

Alt-protein and food-tech investors including Unovis, FoodLabs, and Big Idea Ventures amongst others were treated to Bosque Foods’ alt-pork fillets in Vietnamese bao buns and alt-chicken fillets during the private tasting at the ProVeg Incubator in Berlin. Bosque Foods showcased its mycelium-based prototypes to demonstrate their potential as well as proof of concept of its proprietary solid-state fermentation method.

New York-based Bosque Foods is currently developing a line of chicken and pork fillets, which they intend to sell as branded CPG products through supermarket retailers, and wholesale through food service establishments. The company recently kicked off its seed round of funding and is actively raising capital in order to grow the company by investing in product development, R&D, and new hires. Previously, Bosque Foods attracted $500,000 in investment from ProVeg amongst others.

“Highly efficient processes like biomass fermentation, and in particular the method of solid-state fermentation that Bosque Foods is developing, can be a real game-changer for the alternative protein space. The next generation of alternative protein products – like whole-cut meat and chicken alternatives – can achieve in terms of nutrition, texture, flavour and clean label what the current generation of plant-based products is often missing,” explained Albrecht Wolfmeyer, Head of the ProVeg Incubator.

Source: https://vegconomist.com/company-news/bosque-foods-unveils-next-gen-solid-state-mycelium-meat-alternatives/

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