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Brenntag announces new supplier partnership with MycoTechnology

December 7, 2022

Brenntag, the global player in chemicals and ingredients distribution, has announced a supplier agreement with USA-based MycoTechnology for Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Benelux, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company creates products from mushroom mycelia for a wide range of food applications, including an innovative plant-based protein called FermentIQ, a mix of pea and rice protein powered by fermentation, providing exceptional functionality and nutritional value.

”This supplier agreement will enable Brenntag Specialties customers to access MycoTechnology products to support innovation in meat analog, dairy alternative, protein beverages, baked goods, snacks and other applications“ said Frank Haven, President Nutrition EMEA at Brenntag. “With partnerships like these Brenntag Specialties will become the global go-to service partner for innovative and sustainable solutions. We are building the most comprehensive and sustainable portfolio in products for our customers.”

“We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Brenntag as a major step in our plans for European expansion," added Alan Hahn, CEO of MycoTechnology. "As a global market leader in ingredient distribution, Brenntag will be instrumental in bringing our novel ingredients to scale in the European market. Their worldwide reputation and experience make them an ideal partner to facilitate this exciting new phase of growth for MycoTechnology.”

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