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Bunge sprouts green growth with new pea and faba protein concentrates

June 25, 2024

Bunge, a leader in agricultural commodities processing, is taking root in the burgeoning plant-based protein market. The company recently announced the expansion of its protein portfolio with the introduction of pea and faba bean protein concentrates. This move signifies Bunge's commitment to catering to the ever-growing consumer demand for sustainable and alternative protein sources beyond traditional soy.

The new pea and faba bean concentrates are a strategic complement to Bunge's existing stronghold in soy protein concentrates. This expanded portfolio empowers Bunge to serve a wider range of customers across the food, pet food, and animal feed industries. To ensure a steady and reliable supply of these concentrates, Bunge has entered into a collaborative partnership with Golden Fields, a European powerhouse in the processing of peas and faba beans. Golden Fields has taken the initiative to construct a dedicated production facility in Liepaja, Latvia, specifically designed to manufacture these protein concentrates exclusively for Bunge.

Bunge's pea and faba bean protein concentrates boast several key features that cater directly to the needs of modern food and feed producers. Firstly, they are Non-GMO Project Verified, ensuring compliance with growing consumer preferences for transparency and ethical sourcing. Secondly, their neutral color allows for easy incorporation into a variety of food and feed formulations without compromising the final product's aesthetics. Thirdly, these concentrates come in a finely textured form, facilitating optimal blending and ensuring consistent product quality.

But the benefits extend beyond functionality. Bunge's pea and faba bean protein concentrates pack a powerful protein punch, delivering a content ranging from 55% to 70% on a dry basis. This makes them a valuable ingredient for manufacturers seeking to elevate the protein content of their products, catering to health-conscious consumers who prioritize high-protein diets. Additionally, these concentrates are allergen-free, opening doors to product development for those with specific dietary needs.

Sustainability is a core pillar of Bunge's approach. The peas and faba beans used in the production of these concentrates are cultivated through sustainable crop rotation practices. This not only helps maintain soil health and fertility but also promotes biodiversity within agricultural ecosystems. Furthermore, Bunge has adopted a state-of-the-art dry fractionation process for extracting the protein. This eliminates the need for water-intensive or solvent-based methods commonly used in pulse protein production, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of the entire process.

Bunge's commitment to local sourcing further strengthens its sustainability efforts. The company procures peas and faba beans from a network of local farmers across Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. This approach minimizes transportation distances, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with logistics.

By strategically integrating soy, pea, and faba bean protein concentrates with their existing portfolio of oils, fats, and lecithins, Bunge creates a comprehensive toolbox for its customers. This expanded range of ingredients empowers food and feed producers to formulate innovative and customized solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the market. Bunge's foray into the pea and faba bean protein market represents a significant step forward, solidifying their position as a frontrunner in the evolving landscape of plant-based protein.  This strategic move positions Bunge to capitalize on the burgeoning consumer demand for sustainable and healthy protein alternatives.

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