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Burcon announces sunflower protein process commercially ready

May 11, 2023

Burcon NutraScience Corporation, a developer of plant-based proteins for foods and beverages, has successfully completed end-to-end validation trials of its novel sunflower protein process using commercial-scale equipment at Burcon's Winnipeg Technical Centre.

Burcon has validated that its innovative sunflower protein process is robust and ready for commercial scale-up. Burcon's sunflower protein isolates are greater than 90% pure protein, have a neutral flavor profile and are white in color allowing incorporation into many plant-based foods. Initial feedback on Burcon's novel sunflower protein isolate has been overwhelmingly positive.

Commenting on the new sunflower process, Kip Underwood, Burcon's chief executive officer, said, "Completing these validation trials clears an important milestone towards converting Burcon's IP into real world applications. Industry partners interested in our sunflower protein technology can have the confidence to work with Burcon as our ingredient technology is economical, scalable and able to produce high-quality protein ingredients. Our sunflower protein has the potential to be one of Burcon's premier offerings. We are excited to work with our potential partners to bring this unique sunflower protein to market and provide consumers with sustainable, healthy plant-based protein options."

Process validation is a key milestone towards successful commercialization of Burcon's technologies. As part of the 'Burcon 2.0' strategy to get closer to customers and end markets, and to have greater control over the manufacture of Burcon's proteins, the company is evaluating and pursuing multiple routes to market. Discussions with potential partners to bring this technology to market are progressing well, with interested parties wanting to move forward on this project. Concurrent to partnership discussions, Burcon is exploring additional routes to market with the goal of reducing the time required to achieve commercial production and sales.

The market for alternative proteins continues to grow at a double-digit pace with increasing demand for premium ingredients to develop better-tasting foods and beverages. Ingredients arising from sunflower seeds are widely accepted for their health and sustainable attributes. Burcon's latest sunflower protein isolate, which is a source of non-GMO, non-allergenic and clean label protein, fits perfectly within this growing trend and solves many of the formulation challenges today.

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