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Burcon deploys TheoryMesh platform to optimize plant protein research and scale-up production

TheoryMesh Corp, a software company that specializes in data-driven solutions for food and agriculture supply chains, has announced the launch of a project with Burcon NutraScience Corporation, a global developer of plant-based proteins for foods and beverages, to deploy the TheoryMesh platform to optimize plant protein research and scale-up production.

Burcon will leverage the TheoryMesh platform to digitize its plant protein research and processing, accelerating time to market for plant protein research and ensuring the highest food safety and functional qualities for protein products. Using the TheoryMesh platform will give Burcon complete traceability on its processing products from seed to retail package. This traceability will allow for the highest levels of sustainability to be built into protein research with real-time adjustment of research parameters and scaled-up commercial processes to address crop differences and variable growing conditions.

“The TheoryMesh solution will give Burcon a clear competitive advantage in using data and AI to drive further innovation and scale-up in the plant protein market,” said Chris Bunio, CEO of TheoryMesh.“The ability to adjust formulations in real-time based on crop inputs while showcasing end-to-end traceability and sustainability with our platform will raise the bar for plant protein companies. By leveraging Microsoft’s Data and AI tools and Power BI we can bring this solution to market quickly, enhancing our traceability platform.”

“Working with TheoryMesh to apply advanced AI across our research and development will allow us to innovate faster and accelerate scaleup of our processes to commercial production levels,” added Peter Kappel, chairman of the board for Burcon. “With this technology, Burcon will enhance its position as a protein leader with the most innovative solution for data and AI to drive plant protein.”

“The combination of Burcon and TheoryMesh, leveraging Microsoft’s Data and AI platforms on Microsoft Azure, will accelerate transformation of the plant protein sector and allow for real, traceable connection to food company ESG goals,” said Barney Debnam, Agribusiness Industry Director at Microsoft.

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