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Can vegan protein supplements support muscle health?

February 8, 2022

The University of Birmingham in the UK is partnering with Myprotein to launch the first performance-focused plant protein study on newly launched product, THE Plant.

THE Plant, part of the MYPRO range, has been developed by Myprotein, Europe’s largest sports nutrition brand. It features a blend of three different plant-based proteins: pea protein isolate, rice protein isolate, and hydrolyzed pea protein, as well as all nine essential amino acids. It delivers 20g of protein per serving along with other ingredients to help build and maintain muscle mass as is typically found with traditional protein supplements.

The study will test THE Plant against other protein powders, including animal-based and single-source plant, to measure how well it supports muscle health against three key standards of how the supplement is digested and absorbed into the blood stream, how it supports muscle recovery after an intense session strength of strength training, and finally how it bolsters muscle growth in strength training over a period of several months.

“We know that consumers are increasingly turning to plant-based products for a variety of reasons, including personal health and environmental sustainability," said Dr Leigh Breen, of the University’s School of Sport Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences. "What we don’t yet fully understand, however, is how those products perform in the area of muscle building and recovery. In the case of plant-based proteins, there is concern that they will not effectively reproduce the complex range of proteins found in more traditional animal-based products. The product we are testing here comes from a range of plant sources that may overcome those challenges.”

“We are delighted to bring to market THE Plant - our first ever, performance-focused vegan protein," added Dawid Lyszczek, Head of New Product Development at Myprotein. "We formulated the product using strong underpinning theory, as well as advanced technologies to improve functionality and taste of the product. THE Plant is a true alternative to conventional protein sources for customers who want to perform to best of their ability, no matter what dietary needs they have. With this research partnership with University of Birmingham, we hope not only to illustrate the product’s advocacy, but also to support much needed body of scientific evidence surrounding plant-based nutrition."

The study will be conducted over a three-year period.

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