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Cauldron licensed to produce animal proteins using microbes in batches up to 10,000 liters by Office of Gene Technology Regulator

March 4, 2024

Australian precision fermentation company, Cauldron, has received Office of Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) approval for its proprietary hyper-fermentation technology, marking Australia as a global leader in the production and scaling of ingredients using precision fermentation technology. The DIR200 licence allows Cauldron to use its proprietary precision fermentation technology and Pichia Pastoris yeast, for the production of dairy, egg and spider-silk proteins.  

The OGTR, part of the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Aged Care, found there was negligible risk based on the Risk Assessment Risk Management Plan carried out in accordance with OGTR’s Risk Analysis Framework and as a result the OGTR have deemed Cauldron’s proprietary hyper-fermentation process to be safe for the environment, staff and community.

“Cauldron is excited to have worked with the OGTR to achieve this first-of-a-kind license, and it is another demonstration of the readiness of Australia’s scientific ecosystem to lead biomanufacturing globally,” commented Michele Stansfield, Cauldron CEO & Co Founder. “This licence significantly de-risks Australian-based precision fermentation technologies and Cauldron’s proprietary hyper-fermentation technology, giving Cauldron the confidence to rapidly erect fermentation facilities that achieve significantly lower cost of goods at a fraction of the capital expenditure.

“Cauldron is the first in Australia to hold a licence of this nature at the 10,000-liter scale which unlocks production that all of our local synbio tech companies need to scale.”

Before companies can commercialize products using ingredients produced by Cauldron, food safety approval is required via Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). This approval signals the establishment of a new, high growth industry for Australia, abound with opportunities for ingredient production for domestic and export markets, advanced manufacturing, and regional development.

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