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CB Therapeutics develops eco-conscious solutions through precision fermentation

August 8, 2022

CB Therapeutics, a biosynthesis company focused on creating ethically-produced, environmentally-friendly products for human health, has successfully developed various food tech prototypes using its next-gen synbio and precision fermentation platform. Now, the company is looking for partnerships in the food technology and active ingredient spaces that align with its value propositions.

Among them is the ability to produce ingredients cost-effectively with a minimal carbon footprint. In addition, the company is procuring partnerships and collaborations to implement new scalable manufacturing methods for its customers’ products. As an innovation hub, CB Therapeutics’ solutions have also enabled it to rapidly grow its IP portfolio in very competitive fields, such as psychedelics and cannabinoid biosynthesis, bioinformatics, and other technologies.

“We’ve developed a powerful, fast, and portable platform for generating a wide range of ingredients and products. We have a strong precedent in the nutraceutical and clinical research spaces from our cannabinoid and psychedelic medicine work. Still, our platform can tackle even wider supply chain issues sustainably,” says Dr. Jacob Vogan, CSO of CB Therapeutics. “We’ve prototyped the generation of animal-free proteins, fats, colorants, flavors, aromas, and much more in the lab through scalable precision fermentation.”

“This is an exhilarating time for biotech and biomanufacturing. We have the personnel and equipment needed for the bioidentical, animal-free production of proteins, peptides, fats, flavor compounds, and vitamins traditionally found in animal-based foods. Our process also enables improved products such as de-allerginizing proteins and peptides, or enriching products with vitamins, antioxidants, and other health-promoting nutrients,” added Sher Ali Butt, CEO.

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