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Cell-cultured meat pioneer, Orbillion Bio, partners with Luiten Food

September 23, 2022

Orbillion Bio, a USA-based cell-cultured meat company, has announced a partnership with Luiten Food, a European leader in premium meats, to bring top-quality cell-cultured meats to more than 35 countries across Europe by 2025.

The partnership with Luiten Food will establish a clear path to market for Orbillion Bio’s cell-cultured wagyu beef, making it accessible through more than 1,200 distribution channels in Luiten Food’s network of food service, specialty retailers, and butchers. Orbillion Bio’s cell-cultured products will enrich Luiten Food’s premium meat assortment, which already contains roughly 1,750 products.

“At Orbillion, we have always aspired to produce and bring to market the highest quality cell-cultured meats,” commented Patricia Bubner, CEO of Orbillion. “We take great pride in being the only cell-cultured meat company focused on quality throughout the full-development process – from the heritage breeds where our cells originate to the final product that diners will enjoy, and with Luiten Food, we’ll be able to bring this new farm-to-table experience to Europe. Together, we’ll go beyond a scientific concept, to a tangible, delicious, and enjoyable meat that is more humane to animals, kinder to the planet, and has a more desirable and consistent nutrition profile.”

The partners will co-manage regulatory approval processes and work together to develop a European manufacturing capability to build upon the existing food production assets of the 84 year-old Luiten Food, as well as its experience in food safety, quality management, and supply chain logistics. Luiten Food is a member of the Thomas Foods International Group, Australia’s largest family owned red meat processor and distributor. This relationship also provides the opportunity to take Orbillion’s cell-cultured meat to a global market.

According to Barclays, the market for cell-cultured meat is paced to scale to a US$450 billion global industry by 2040. Cell-cultured versions of these meats are projected to use up to 95% less land and 78% less water, producing 92% fewer GHG emissions than conventional farming.

For Luiten Food, this partnership with Orbillion further deepens their commitment to sustainability and reinforces their track record of successful innovation that has served as the foundation for its longevity for more than eight decades. Orbillion’s deep expertise in bioprocess development, food science, and developing top-quality cell lines enables Luiten Food to truly leapfrog other legacy meat purveyors, positioning them to appeal to future consumers and adapt to a changing climate.

“We’ve been successful for more than 84 years because we’ve focused on what’s ahead. And now, that’s sustainable meat. That’s high quality meat. That’s cell-cultured meat. So for us, there was no better partner than Orbillion Bio whose cell-cultured Wagyu Beef hits every mark,” added Lennert Luiten, Managing Director of Luiten Food. “We’re excited to bring our strengths in brokering the highest quality meats to a category that will be a big part of how we feed the future.”

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