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CellX achieves milestone with China's first large-scale cultivated meat pilot plant

August 14, 2023

The Chinese cultivated meat company, CellX, has announced the completion and operation of its first large-scale cultivated meat pilot plant. It is named Future Food Factory X (FX) after Fu Xi, an ancient Chinese animal husbandry pioneer, heralding a new era in meat production in China. This milestone marks China's first large-scale pilot plant for cultivated meat, with a leading level of production costs well below US$100/lb.

The global cultivated meat landscape has seen the establishment of over 10 pilot plants, with only a few achieving a scale of 1,000 liters. CellX stands out as the sole Chinese company capable of upscaling cultivated meat production to the large-scale level. The completion of CellX's pilot plant enables further technological validation and paves the way for future large-scale production and customized product development.

CellX's pilot plant utilizes its proprietary cell cultivation technology and operates with fully digitized intelligent management systems. Positioned as China's first 'transparent food space' for cultivated meat, it integrates technology research and development, pilot production, and interactive consumer experiences. Starting from now, consumers will have the opportunity to taste and enjoy a variety of delicacies made from cultivated meat at this innovative facility.

In preparation for large-scale production, CellX's FX pilot plant leverages its self-developed suspension cell line and low-cost serum-free culture medium. These innovative technologies have successfully reduced production costs to below US$100/lb, which will be further slashed by 2025 market launch.

"Cultivated meat technology embodies a safe, efficient, and sustainable approach to meat production," said Shuangshuang Chen, Head of Research & Development at CellX. "We can craft meat that is both delectable and nutritious, providing consumers with a superior alternative."

Currently, the company has screened nearly 20 immortalized cell lines by utilizing a high-throughput automated system, with several of them already been successfully adapted to grow in single sell suspension. It also marks the world's first successful single cell suspension of fish cell lines. CellX's approach targets the high-end market first, with plans to introduce products to the mass market as they continue to scale up and reduce costs in the future.

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