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Changing Bio makes global product launch and wins Sustainability Innovation Award at BEYOND Expo 2023

May 19, 2023

Recently, Shanghai Changing Biotech Co (Changing Bio) held a global product launch event at BEYOND Expo 2023 and won the Sustainability Innovation Award. The Expo was held at The Venetian Macao's Cotai Convention Center with the theme of 'Technology Redefined'. The expo focuses on demonstrations and discussions around three major areas: Sustainability, Life Sciences, and Consumer Technology.

During the event, leading technology companies released their latest products. Changing Bio launched Kluvy Protein and the Alternative Dairy Products For Professionals. This product series includes Kluvy Protein ingredient and the innovative alternative dairy applications developed based on this ingredient including spreadable cheese and cheese powder, tailored to Chinese market. The alternative dairy products are released under the brand 'ChangingPRO', a sub-brand of Changing Bio. The product series is positioned as 'future food, from nature'. It is derived from nature – the microorganism strain comes from the purest part of Shangri-La; it is also higher than nature – the core ingredient is produced through biotechnologies such as mutagenesis and directed evolution.

In the Beyond Awards Ceremony, Changing Bio was the only food-tech company awarded with the Sustainability Innovation Award. The selection criteria are primarily based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and Changing Bio contributes to Zero Hunger, Climate Action, Responsible Consumption and Production, etc.

On 9 May, at the Welcome Gala Dinner of Beyond Expo 2023, Changing Bio cooperated with the celebrity chef team of the Venetian Hotel to provide Kluvy Protein vegan parmesan-style cheese powder with French fries to hundreds of guests. Kluvy vegan cheese powder is one of the Alternative Dairy Products for Professionals. It is completely animal-free and clean-label, and suitable for ambient-temperature transportation and storage. Having mild cheesy, savory and nutty flavor, it is a perfect addition to any recipe and fits into China's rising appetite on cheese flavor.

The exhibition and product demo of Changing Bio attracted crowds of visitors of all kinds, including governmental officials, renowned hotel and restaurant groups of Macau, investment firms, etc, and several international media conducted interviews with CEO Luo Bin.

Changing Bio is one of the first food-tech companies possessing the technical know-how of both mycoprotein and recombinant protein. The company has built strong in-house R&D capabilities, and is committed to making positive contributions to sustainable development, ensuring food security and enhancing food nutrition and human health. Through mutagenesis and directed evolution, the company selects and breeds proprietary strains with the ideal properties for mass production, and produces mycoproteins with short cycles, high efficiency, and environmental friendliness. It already received regulatory approval from CFDA, and thanks to its unique nutritional and structural values, the product has been applied to many food categories.

Changing Bio has also completed the development of recombinant whey protein through genetic engineering and precision fermentation. Based on the multiple biological chassis and modular endogenous gene element library built by the company, the heterologous expression of a variety of proteins from different origins has been completed within short timeframe.

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