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Clear Current Capital creates waves of impact outside of the USA

May 6, 2023

Clear Current Capital (CCC) has expanded its reach outside of the USA and is furthering its mission to fund early-stage sustainable food and food-tech companies that generate strong returns and impact in the food system.

In 2017, Founder and GP, Curt Albright, formed Clear Current Capital, the first LP-funded impact VC in the alt-protein and food tech space. To date, the firm has invested in 18 companies and implemented learnings and data to advance start-ups in supporting the space aggressively and successfully. These learnings have highlighted the increased innovation occurring globally, allowing for white spaces to be filled in international markets.

After first backing Change Foods, an Australian/US-based precision fermentation dairy company, in 2021, CCC invested in New School Foods in 2022. Founded by serial entrepreneur Chris Bryson, the Canadian start-up has created a new technology to produce a proprietary muscle and fiber and a scaffolding platform to produce plant-based whole-cut salmon (pictured above). This technology allows for the flavor, texture, and experience consumers expect and crave from traditional seafood.

"While the food system is global, innovation and progress have varied across markets over time," said CCC's Principal, Steve Molino. "Much of this work began in the USA, but we've increasingly seen stronger opportunities internationally due to factors such as increased government support and changing consumer preferences. For instance, Protein Industries Canada has invested large amounts of non-dilutive capital in Canadian startups. Separately in Germany, consumers are clearly voting for sustainable foods with their wallets, as they consume record low levels of meat."

The latter has led to CCC recognizing Berlin as a hot spot for innovation in sustainable food and their most recent investment in Nosh.bio, which develops novel fermentation-based ingredients that offer functionality, eliminate the need for chemical additives, and improve health characteristics of plant-based products, while also having the potential to create single-ingredient standalone products.

"Nosh's world-class team exemplifies the trend of top talent flowing into the sustainable food arena internationally," says Molino. "We expect this trend to continue, which will further broaden the opportunities for innovation."

Clear Current Capital is a targeted impact VC firm whose mission is to catalyze sustainable change in the food system through investments in early-stage sustainable food companies.

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