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Cultivated meat pioneer, Mosa Meat, welcomes new and existing partners to help bring cultivated beef to consumers

April 17, 2024

Dutch cultivated meat pioneer, Mosa Meat, last week announced new and existing partners to help bring cultivated beef to consumers, as part of €40 million (US$42.5 million) in new capital that it raised to finance the company's next phase. The funds will be used to further scale up Mosa Meat's production processes, drive down the cost of production, and prepare for market entry.

The oversubscribed round was led by Lowercarbon Capital and M Ventures. Mosa Meat also welcomed Invest-NL, the Dutch state-owned impact investor, partly with coverage by InvestEU, the European Commission program supporting initiatives that align with EU policy priorities, and LIOF, the regional development agency for the Limburg province as well as the Limburg Energy Fund (LEF), the regional fund supporting greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

New partners with a background in the conventional meat sector were also added, including the PHW Group, one of Europe’s largest poultry producers. Furthermore, XO Ventures, Doux Investments and other new investors joined existing investors to create a more diverse and resilient food system together.

“The overall macroeconomic landscape has been rough in the last two years, which has culled the herd of companies and forced us to be even more strategic and focused on achieving our mission," commented Maarten Bosch, CEO, Mosa Meat. "As such, we are humbled and honored to welcome both public parties and conventional meat producers to join this critical journey. In an environment that is increasingly polarised, we choose to connect and collaborate, working towards a future where cultivated beef is a real choice for consumers and a complementary solution in the toolbox to combat the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, and food insecurity. Rethinking how we produce great food for a growing planet without destroying it is quite a daunting task and will take many people and organisations to pull in the same direction.”

Mosa Meat, with its headquarters in Maastricht, the Netherlands, is among the world leading players in the field of cultivated meat for beef. It successfully launched its scaleup facility in May last year. In 2018, PHW Group invested in the Israeli start-up SuperMeat, which is working on cultivated meat for chicken. "The partnership with Mosa Meat is of high significance for our food-tech expertise with a focus on Europe and our diversification strategy in the business field of alternative protein sources," said Marcus Keitzer, Board Member for Alternative Proteins at the PHW Group. "For us, Mosa Meat is an important European partner to further expand our expertise but also a platform to contribute our know-how and infrastructure of the PHW Group." The expansion of this FoodTech expertise in the cultivated meat segment is therefore the next crucial step of the PHW Group to consistently driving forward alternative ways of protein production and new technologies in the food system.

Mosa Meat is currently preparing the first formal tastings of our cultivated beef in The Netherlands.

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