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Customer Spotlight: A pioneer in the plant-based meat field elevates innovation with Elementar’s rapid MAX N exceed

November 1, 2023

A leader in the plant-based meat industry is continuing to push the boundaries of plant-based protein development through its partnership with Elementar Americas, a leading provider of high-performance elemental analysis solutions. By utilizing Elementar's rapid MAX N exceed nitrogen and protein analyzer, the company has enhanced its ability to create superior plant-based products with precise protein content analysis, allowing for the swift evaluation of ingredients and the development of innovative formulations.

The California-based company featured in Elementar’s Customer Spotlight is dedicated to delivering products that closely mimic the taste and texture of traditional animal-based meats while minimizing the negative impacts on the environment and animal welfare. To achieve this mission, the on-premises lab employs a wide range of cutting-edge scientific equipment, such as GCMS, LCMS, rheometers, SEMs, CLSMs, DSCs, FTIRs, and texture analyzers. These tools help the company study how protein content, sequence, and types correlate to the formation of texturized materials, essential for creating plant-based meat substitutes.

The addition of Elementar's rapid MAX N exceed nitrogen and protein analyzer to the lab facilitates rapid nitrogen and protein analysis, making it easier for the company to swiftly assess the protein content in various raw materials and, consequently, prototype new products and formulations. The system's compatibility with large sample sizes minimizes errors induced by material sampling, while its user-friendly maintenance further streamlined the analytical process.

Since implementing Elementar's system, the company has been able to assess the protein content of raw materials based on their source and processing methodology. Additionally, the rapid MAX N exceed has been instrumental in analyzing the solubility of proteins under different conditions, shedding light on how these proteins behave in various applications. The system also measures the protein content of plant-based meat products both before and after cooking, providing valuable insights for product development and quality control.

Read the complete Customer Spotlight to learn more here.

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