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Cytoniche Biotechnology opens Center of Excellence in China

May 9, 2023

CytoNiche Biotechnology, a biotechnology company with a cutting-edge of 3D dissolvable porous microcarriers, has officially launched its Center of Excellence (CoE) – a state-of-the-art R&D facility, located at Shanghai Fengxian District Lingang Nanqiao Science and Technology Park.

This CoE will advance a 3D 'intelligent manufacturing' platform for the development of up-to-downstream bioprocesses in the cell and gene therapies. Along with the grand opening, CytoNiche Biotechnology also announced the completion of its Beijing R&D Center and Tianjin cGMP Production Center. The CoE will synergize and strengthen world-class cooperations and innovations along with these new centers.

As part of this strategic partnership, CytoNiche will establish a joint laboratory in Singapore, facilitating ongoing research collaborations and expanding Cytoniche's presence in South East Asia.

“The CoE will provide strong support for expanding overseas markets and accelerating integration into new formats in the global biopharmaceutical industry," commented Dr Liu Wei, Co-founder & CEO of CytoNiche. "We pride ourselves as the holistic provider being able to drive development with CDMO services and enhance enterprise value through international technology innovation partnerships".

Chinese leaders and international partners attended the opening of the CoE's new site, including Ants Innovate (Singapore) and SEIKO Corporation (Japan).

“We are very optimistic about the microcarrier technology and its scalability in 3D manufacturing platform. SEIKO Corporation will partner with CytoNiche to explore cooperation opportunities across a broad range of application areas, including product development, cross-listing, joint marketing campaign, and product promotion in the Japanese market,” said Yoshio Nishimura, Trustee and Deputy Head of Japan SEIKO Corporation.

"We hope our close partnership can continue well to expand microcarriers into new product development for biosustainability (cell-cultured meat production)", added Dr Wu Sheng Yong, Chief Technology Officer of Ants Innovate.

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