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Danish Crown's plant-based products off to a good start

Since introducing its range of plant-based products in January 2022, Danish Crown has built a market share of almost 20%, with ambitions to take the lead among producers of plant-based meat alternatives in Denmark.

“This makes us very proud indeed,” said says Mette Færch, Head of Marketing & Innovation at Danish Crown. “Especially because after only four months on the market, 5% of all Danish consumers have already bought our plant-based products. The numbers are quite remarkable for a new product range in the food industry. As a result, we’re already in the process of adding new plant-based products to the range, and our ambition to be market leader among producers of plant-based meat alternatives in Denmark is clear.”

The plant-based product range currently consists of eight products in the form of ready meals and meal components. All products are made without soy and with either Nordic or organic vegetables as the main ingredient. The best-selling products are also the favorites among families with young children: veggie mince, veggie meatballs and veggie nuggets.

Numbers from Danish Crown market research show that after only four months on the market as many as six of the new products are in the top 20 of best-selling plant-based meat alternatives. Moreover, veggie mince from the brand Den Grønne Slagter is the best-selling product in its category.

“We’ve staked a lot on delivering quality food for a broad range of consumers,” continued Færch. “Most importantly, the products must taste good, but we also want to offer good products at reasonable prices in order to reach as many consumers as possible.  In popular terms, we want to be the preferred producer of everyday food products, and we’re currently in an excellent position, with our plant-based meat alternatives being the most widely distributed products in the category and enjoying the most shelf space in stores across Denmark.”

In consumer surveys, more than one in three Danes report that they have reduced their meat consumption within the past 12 months, and two out of three intend to eat more climate-friendly. In connection with the launch, Danish Crown therefore aimed for revenue in the plant-based segment in the high double-digits of millions of Danish kroner already in 2022. With the strong sales figures, the group is well on track to meet this target.

After the Summer holiday, Danish Crown expands its plant-based range by adding three new products: An Asian-inspired noodle dish with vegetables and veggie bites, a veggie mince burger and a breaded burger with spinach and cheese.

“We’ll not be giving up our meat production – meat will still be in demand in future. But at Danish Crown, we’re very much aware that the food industry is part of the climate challenges facing all of us, and we therefore want to be part of the solution as well,” concluded Færch.

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