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Danone North America brings continued innovation to the plant-based creamer aisle

January 16, 2023

As the plant-based industry continues to grow, new innovations in the space are necessary to keep up with demand. A leader in the plant-based category, Danone North America, is responding to this growth by elevating the plant-based creamer aisle with the launch of new Silk Mocha Almond Creamer and So Delicious Dairy Free French Vanilla Coconutmilk Creamer

More and more people are embracing the flexitarian lifestyle, with 47% of Americans describing themselves as flexitarians, and nearly half of those describing the diet as a permanent lifestyle change. As flexitarianism grows so, too, does the interest in plant-based creamers; in the past year, plant-based creamer sales have increased by 27.6%, and plant-based creamers make up 10.6% of the overall creamer category.

As flexitarians look for more ways to incorporate plant-based foods into their diets and morning routines, plant-based pioneers Silk and So Delicious Dairy Free are innovating to meet this demand with offerings that deliver on both quality and taste with delicious new flavors.

Silk, a leading plant-based creamer brand, is launching new Silk Mocha Almond Creamer. The first non-seasonal mocha offering in the plant-based creamer category, Silk Mocha Almond Creamer is described by the company as 'smooth, lusciously creamy, and bursting with chocolate-y flavor…minus the dairy'.

"Silk was the first brand to debut plant-based creamers, and with new Mocha Almond Creamer, we're giving you even more delicious flavors of our number one plant-based creamer to enjoy," commented Kallie Goodwin, Vice President of Traditional Creamers. "Silk continues to bring variety to consumers who are seeking new flavors to enjoy in their coffee, and the delicious chocolate flavor of new Mocha Almond Creamer is an exciting new way for plant-based consumers to savor their coffee and their day."

Silk Mocha Almond Creamer is Non-GMO Project Verified, certified vegan, and free from gluten, cholesterol, carrageenan, and artificial colors and flavors.

So Delicious Dairy Free, a leader in dairy-free products for more than 30 years, is revamping its creamer portfolio with a new look and reimagined, flavorful taste.

So Delicious is reintroducing French Vanilla Coconutmilk Creamer with an improved recipe for an even smoother, rich vanilla flavor. The brand is further expanding its creamer lineup with new Sweet & Creamy Coconutmilk Creamer, which has a creamy, delectable taste you'll enjoy with every sip.

"With French Vanilla and Sweet & Creamy Coconutmilk Creamers, we have reimagined our creamers, delivering even more flavor for consumers," continued Goodwin. "These new creamers bring the flavors and richness you normally find in a coffeeshop straight to your fridge, and the creamy flavors will add just the right amount of sweetness to your cup of coffee."

So Delicious French Vanilla and Sweet & Creamy Coconutmilk Creamers are Non-GMO Project Verified, certified organic, and certified gluten free.

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