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Dr Clauder's launches insect line

Dr Clauder's has launched an insect protein line into its Wildlife premium dry food range for dogs.

Made from black soldier fly larvae with a 24% protein content and a complete amino acid profile including omega-3 and omega-6, the product combines insects with vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Dr.Clauder's Wildlife Insect is grain-free and, because it has only one protein source, it is easy to digest, hypoallergenic and suitable for nutritionally sensitive animals, the company claims.

Insect protein production is more efficient on space and water and results in much fewer emissions than beef cattle and as such is widely considered to be a more sustainable alternative to meat.

The new product is available in the UK exclusively from Victory Pet Products. A 350g bag retails at around £4.99, and the product is also supplied in 2kg and 11.5kg packs. Introductory offers are available from Victory.

Source: https://www.petbusinessworld.co.uk/news/feed/dr-clauder-s-launches-insect-line

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