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DSM announces launch of Vertis CanolaPRO

November 28, 2022

Royal DSM has announced the launch of Vertis CanolaPRO, a high-quality canola protein isolate. This milestone follows more than 10 years of research and development at DSM to unlock the healthy protein from the canola seed and produce it at scale for the food industry. Canola seeds, also known as rapeseeds, are one of the world’s few available plant sources of complete protein, meaning they contain all nine essential amino acids required for good health. Vertis CanolaPRO will allow food and beverage producers to develop plant-based products that offer complete proteins and are free from major allergens.

An estimated 30% of consumers in major markets identify as flexitarian, however not all consumers of plant-based products are satisfied with the options on the market, which some perceive as falling short in terms of taste, texture, or health. In particular, consumers are scrutinizing the labels of plant-based foods and beverages they buy, and looking for products which contain high-quality complete protein. “Good source of protein” is the number one attribute consumers in the USA look for when buying plant-based products. At the same time, consumers are avoiding major allergens such as soy, gluten, and dairy, with 40% of US consumers having purchased a food with an allergen- or intolerance-related label last year.

Vertis CanolaPRO increases protein levels in plant-based food and beverages and does not contain major allergens. When used as part of a protein blending strategy, Vertis CanolaPRO is highly complementary to proteins from legumes and cereals and fills in gaps in essential amino acids. Vertis CanolaPRO has a protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 1, on par with soy or whey, and a high digestibility score (DIAAS ≥ 100). The functional benefits of Vertis CanolaPRO improve the bite and texture of meat and fish alternatives, and create a smoother mouthfeel in dairy alternatives and performance nutrition products.

Sustainability is at the heart of the production of Vertis CanolaPRO. It is produced from canola meal, a co-product of canola/rapeseed oil production. The ingredient has a small carbon footprint and requires no additional arable land for its production. Vertis CanolaPRO is produced in a proprietary process with minimal water use, low temperatures, and no solvents. Vertis CanolaPRO is produced in a joint venture with Avril Group, a leading processor and financer in the vegetable oils and proteins sector based in France, at a newly constructed facility in Dieppe.

“We are immensely proud to bring Vertis CanolaPRO to the market to help address the need for nutritious, delicious, and sustainable plant-based food and beverages,” commented Patrick Niels, Executive Vice President of Food & Beverage at DSM. “At DSM, we’re driven to partner with our customers in the food and beverage industry to produce great products that have benefits for both people and the planet. With the launch of Vertis CanolaPRO alongside our legume-based offering, we are establishing a leading portfolio of healthy and sustainable plant proteins that even better positions us as a go-to innovation partner for the plant-based market.”

Along with the launch of Vertis CanolaPRO, DSM is unveiling a differentiating positioning and campaign for its Vertis plant protein portfolio. The portfolio includes plant protein concentrates and textured vegetable proteins based on peas and faba beans, which DSM acquired with Vestkorn Milling in 2021, with more innovative proteins and solutions in the pipeline.

Vertis plant proteins offer an alternative on the market for high-quality, sustainably-produced plant proteins. Together with DSM’s unrivaled scientific foundation, application expertise, and innovation, as well as a broad range of taste, texture, and health solutions for plant-based products, the Vertis™ plant protein portfolio enables DSM to lead the market as an end-to-end partner for the creation of plant-based food and beverages that create an impact for products, people and the planet.

Sales of Vertis plant proteins will contribute to DSM’s commitment to reach 150 million people with its ingredients and solutions for nutritious, delicious, and sustainable plant-based food and beverages by 2030. Last year, DSM announced this and other quantifiable food system commitments, including commitments to support the sustainable production of animal protein, to address the societal and environmental challenges linked to food production and consumption.

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