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DSM launches Delvo Plant Go

September 22, 2022

Royal DSM has extended its Delvo Plant enzyme portfolio with the launch of Delvo Plant Go for oat-based dairy alternatives. This new enzyme solution simplifies the production of oat-based products by enabling manufacturers to perform the liquefaction and saccharification process – breaking down the oat starches into glucose and maltose – in one step. This enables a shorter and more efficient process, reducing hydrolysis time by up to 30%. As well as time savings, oat-based dairy alternatives manufactured with Delvo Plant Go require less energy and water. These improvements result in increased capacity or reduced costs – something that is particularly important given the current volatility in the energy market.

The global plant-based dairy alternatives market is worth €18 billion, and oat-based alternatives are commanding an increasingly high portion of new product launches and sales. Of the most popular bases for plant-based dairy alternative drinks, the oat-based category has the highest growth projections with an anticipated compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14% between 2020 and 2028.

Manufacturers of oat-based dairy alternatives face several challenges. There is a need to increase capacity to keep-up with high demand. Producers also need to simplify processes and improve efficiencies to remain profitable in a challenging global environment of high inflation and volatile energy prices.

Delvo Plant Go has been specifically designed to take the complexity out of manufacturing oat-based drinks by removing the need for separate liquefaction and saccharification phases that traditionally require different temperatures. The new enzyme solution enables a one-step hydrolysis at a single temperature that can reduce hydrolysis time by up to 30% – taking it from around three to two hours. Producers using Delvo Plant Go benefit from time, energy and water savings without impacting the taste or texture of a final application. This new solution also supports organic and non-GMO formulations – helping producers appeal to a broad range of consumers.

“The oat-based dairy alternatives category is in a sustained period of high growth. Now is the right time for producers to simplify their production processes to keep pace with this fast-moving market,” commented Ben Rutten, Global Business Manager, Milk & Plant-based Dairy Alternatives at DSM. “Although consumer demand for oat-based products is growing, the category isn’t immune to the current difficulties around volatile energy prices and the constant pressure to deliver the delicious, nutritious and sustainably produced products consumers love. This is why we set out to not only save producers time, but also enable energy, and water savings. Combined with our wider portfolio for plant-based dairy alternatives, producers can enjoy it all without compromising on taste, texture, health or sustainability.”

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