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Dyadic announces collaboration to commercialize animal-free alternative proteins using Dapibus

May 9, 2023

Dyadic International, a biotechnology company focused on building innovative microbial platforms to address the growing demand for global protein bioproduction, has announced that it entered into a co-development and marketing agreement with Fermbox Bio Inc.

Under the agreement, Dyadic and Fermbox expect to use Dyadic’s proprietary Dapibus filamentous fungal based microbial protein production platform and Fermbox’s extensive product development capabilities, to design, develop and commercialize innovative animal free alternative proteins and biomaterials.

“I am excited to announce this fully funded co-development and marketing agreement with Fermbox which is consistent with our business strategy of focusing on near term commercialization opportunities that can create shareholder value,” commented Joe Hazelton, Chief Business Officer of Dyadic. “Fermbox has extensive expertise in bio-alternate development and microbial precision fermentation which we expect will accelerate our ability to exploit the Dapibus platform and expand Dyadic’s product offerings for non-pharmaceutical alternative proteins applications, such as food, nutrition, wellness and other bioproducts.

"We anticipate this collaboration will enhance our market penetration into the alternative protein markets at the same time our biopharmaceutical activities using C1 are also advancing at a rapid pace. We believe that this collaboration will further leverage our proprietary Dapibus platform toward developing and commercializing multiple end-market animal free protein products.”

Subramani Ramachandrappa, Founder & President of Fermbox Bio added, “We are very excited to partner with Dyadic and use its novel Dapibus platform to create alternative biomaterials that are not only sustainable but also economically viable. Our joint expertise across expression systems and execution capabilities from lab to large scale manufacturing, uniquely positions us for success. We have a long-standing relationship with Dyadic leadership, and we believe that this co-development agreement can potentially accelerate the timelines for both companies to bring new and commercially viable bio-alternates to the market sooner.”

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