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Dynacyte introduces Eggsbee modular bioreactors

December 23, 2022

Dynacyte Biosciences, a startup company with ambitions to become one of the leading designers and manufacturers of tech for biotech, has introduced the Eggsbee modular bioreactor within a hardware ecosystem that enables users to perform bioreactor tasks ranging from education to production. The Eggsbee product line consists of a hardware portfolio that can be easily assembled to perform complex biotech tasks, such as cell culture and precision fermentation.

The all-new Eggsbee is a reimagined bioreactor to be more capable, more intuitive, and 100% cloud enabled. With a completely integrated design, full wrap-around electronic thermal jacket, control points, and distributed sensors all around, it delivers a powerful way to get things done, create and stay connected.

EggOS weaves intelligence and hardware together and makes everything on Eggsbee feel easy. Users are able to run their favorite processes securely, edit and share designs with others, and get to all their files.

Eggsbee comes with powerful and capable bio-apps like 'Ferment', 'Culture', 'Expand', and 'Express'. And through a rapidly growing platform of bio-apps designed just for Eggsbee, users are presented with a large selection of example processes to begin with. In addition, users have the ability to edit, create, and run their own apps via Eggsbee Online on any compatible bioreactor. Eggsbee Online also enables users to remotely manage their bioreactors from the convenience of the cloud and securely records process data for later analysis.

Coincident with the Demo Day of AppWorks, one of the accelerators in which Dynacyte participates, the Eggsbee bioreactor and its supporting accessories will be made available on BIOWORLDS Marketplace for a limited release with a discounted price. The pricing of this limited release is positioned below cost. Products on offer are the Advanced Bioreactor Package and the Standard Bioreactor Package (both one-liter capacity bioreactors). Other products include accessory modules, such as Pump Module 1, Gas Flow Regulator Module 1, and Flow Cell Modules for pH and DO measurement, as well as consumables. Users have the capability to mix and match the modules to fit their application requirements and will be able to carry out processes including cell culture and precision fermentation.

Customers from educational institutions including current and newly accepted students, teachers, and staff at all levels may be eligible for education pricing. Customers who buy in larger quantities of Eggsbee may be eligible for bulk purchase pricing.

Dynacyte is actively engaging collaborative partners, including individuals, groups, and entities in education, research, business, for the development of novel applications in the fields of recombinant organisms, alternative proteins, cultivated meats, novel or traditionally fermented foods, agricultural feeds, and environmentally safe pesticide replacements.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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