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EATV makes history at The New York Stock Exchange

EATV, the VegTech plant-based Innovation & Climate Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), made history last week when its advisor, VegTech Invest, threw a party at The New York Stock Exchange to celebrate the listing of the world's first plant-based Innovation ETF.

The party of almost 100 people included visiting the NYSE trading floor, a short overview of the fund from VegTech Invest CEO Elysabeth Alfano and a toast by members of The Good Food Institute. Bankers, global wealth managers, institutional and impact Investors, and New York's Broadway elite were also in attendance.

"With the EATV ETF, we are proud to create a completely new impact asset class: Plant-based Innovation & Alternative Proteins," enthused Alfano. "The ETF has more than 40 companies up and down the supply chain that are innovating with plants and plant-derived ingredients to create animal-free products for sustainable consumption to address climate change and food security."

"The EATV ETF drives capital to companies innovating to disrupt the current food supply system with plant-based products that require fewer resources to produce than the animal-based counterparts," added Dr Sasha Goodman, EATV Fund Manager. "I believe this efficiency addresses food security, is less damaging to the environment, and is critical to fighting climate change."

"Given the global, urgent need to combat climate change, diminishing planetary and human health and food insecurity issues, we believe that Plant-based Innovation, a way of mitigating these crises, is at the beginning stages of a global megatrend," continued Alfano. "Individual investors and governments recognize the need to invest in Plant-based Innovation as a solution for change in the food and materials supply chains.

"Plant-based Innovation is what the organization claims a 'Swiss Army knife' approach to tackling some of the world's most pressing issues. According to a University of Michigan Life Cycle Analysis, a Beyond Meat burger uses 99% less water, 93% less land, emits 90% fewer greenhouse gases and uses 46% less energy.

The top 10 constituents of EATV as of 2 May 2022 are Ingredion, Givaudan, E.L.F Beauty Inc, Amyris Inc, Beyond Meat, Sensient Technologies Corp, Yukiguni Maitake, Limoneira, Thai Wah Public Co, Mission Produce, and Vitasoy International. Oatly and Gingko BioWorks are also in the fund.

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