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Elysabeth Alfano to speak at COP27 on 'Investing for a Sustainable Food Supply System'

November 7, 2022

Elysabeth Alfano, CEO of VegTech Invest and Plant Powered Consulting, will speak on investing for a Sustainable Food Supply System at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change COP 27 summit in Sharm El Sheikh. An invited speaker to the Food4Climate Pavilion, Alfano will be attending the second week of the summit discussing the role of finance in helping to solve some of the world's most pressing issues.

A contributor to Fintech TV and ESG Clarity, Alfano is a sought-after speaker on the deleterious impact of the factory-animal food industry and the investment opportunities in the innovations and technologies for creating a sustainable food supply system.

She is also hosting episodes of her Plantbased Business Hour podcast on location.

"We won't sufficiently impact Climate Change in the time needed if we don't address the methane and deforestation from animal agriculture," stated Alfano.

According to EPA, almost one-third of all global methane emissions and 37% of US methane emissions come from animal agriculture. In addition, it is responsible for 41% of the tropical deforestation and uses 42% of the world's clean water.

"Plant-based Innovation is the most efficient solution to impacting many issues: climate change, food security, deforestation, biodiversity loss, antibiotic resistance, pandemic risk, human health and healthcare costs and, obviously, animal welfare."

The Food4Climate Pavilion is hosted by A Well-Fed World, Compassion in World Farming, Food Tank, Four Paws, iPES Food, and ProVeg international. 2022 is the first of the 27 United Nations Climate Change COP summits to address the role of our food supply system in Climate Change and Food Insecurity. Topics will range from Farmers and a Just Transition, Plant-based and Protein Innovation and Diversification, Loss & Food Waste Systems and Food Insecurity. Alfano will speak on the role of finance in creating an efficient, cruelty-free, and sustainable food supply system.

You can also read more from Alfano in the launch edition of Protein Production Technology International - she was one of 10 investment experts interviewed on a range of topics

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