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Enabling next level insect food: certified & more sustainable

ENTOTRUST, the insect food certification, celebrates the third year of activity, defining the global assessment for safety and sustainability in the growing edible insect proteins trade. The ENTOTRUST seal on product packaging is achieved by food manufacturers or insect farmers that passed the assessment program.

Certifications are consumer driven. The demand for more healthy products, safe &authentic, combined with higher farming and manufacturing sustainability expectations, gave stimulus to certifications in the last decade. In fact, sustainability-marketed products grew 5.6times faster than conventionally marketed products, and 3.3 times faster than the CPG market in total*. Studies confirm that certification labels provide:

Trust. Tangible proof of marketing statements on quality and good practices.

Visibility. Higher attention and attraction on shelf or online.

Purchase. Definitely supporting initial trial and tasting.

Value. Willingness to pay a premium price.

At the same time retail and food organizations started to cope with a highly complex business environment, international competition, with quality and food safety at the centre. The globalization of food raised the need for common approaches and standards in the production of quality and safe products for the final consumer.

This need becomes more evident for alternative proteins based on insects. There is a clear need of transparency and trust for innovative food producers and farmers. ENTOTRUST became in three years the reference for insect food quality, a guarantee for conscious consumers and retailers listing sustainable foods, as well as restaurant professionals introducing them in their menus. The team was engaged to assess producers as well as farmers from France, Mexico, Denmark, Italy, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Madagascar... from beverages to dried insects, from protein powders to crackers and biscuits.

Consumers’ researches during 2021 show that the ENTOTRUST logo visible on packaging increases perceived food safety by 40% for the same product without a certification label. Additionally, it performs better than widely known food certifications (e.g. Organic, Fairtrade, Bio) in direct comparison on the same product, for consumer purchase intention and visual appeal.

ENTOTRUST is the icon for insect food quality. The program envisions a world where edibleinsects will supply healthy food, making high value proteins accessible to a wider population with important environmental and social benefits.

ENTOTRUST. Insect food you can trust.

For more information, please visit www.entotrust.org

About Entotrust

Entotrust is the global voluntary insect-food certification, an independent and science-based organization, which allows producers to assess their food safety and sustainability. The Entotrust logo seal is a registered trademark, which can only be used by positively certified producers and farmers. ENTOTRUST mission is to secure the health of consumers by recognizing quality insect products. Nudging the people decision when buying new alternative food and working with the stakeholder’s network to improve the scientific knowledge. The company with head office in Germany, has representatives in Italy, France, Netherlands, Mexico, United States.


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ENTOTRUST © all rights reserved. The ENTOTRUST ™ logo and program is fully owned and managed by ELYTRA ™ independent firm based in Germany. Registered number HRB82341.

Infograph: consumer value.

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