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Europe's largest operational ingredient mycoprotein production facility announced

The Swedish foodtech company, Mycorena, has recently expanded its Mycorena Innovation and Development center (MIND) facilities in Gothenburg, to become Europe's largest demo production facility currently in full operation.

The newly expanded MIND facility now hosts the company's office headquarters, a fully food-grade certified fermentation facility, Innovation and R&D labs, a development kitchen, and a pilot line for the production of end-consumer food products.

The current production facility at MIND is fully equipped with numerous custom-designed fermenters ranging from benchtop to industrial demo-scale, capable of producing hundreds of tonnes of (annual) mycoprotein to be used as a food ingredient. The new facility is also equipped with automation solutions making it one of the most unique fermentation scale-up facilities in Europe.

In addition to fermentation capacity, the fully modular and custom-built downstream processes are available for both the established Promyc production process and also for the development of new variations of mycoprotein ingredients. Furthermore, the production process is fully food-graded and certified vegan, allergen-free, and kosher for the commercialization of ingredients and food products.

MIND has established four different house labs for all its research and development efforts within fermentation, quality control and product development.

There is also a dedicated pilot-line production of end-consumer food products (made using mycoprotein), making MIND one of the few facilities globally to have an inclusive fermenter to fork approach production line. The pilot line is equipped to handle thousands of tonnes (annual) of mince-based vegan food products.

Mycorena is a pioneer in the new age of mycoprotein fermentation and a proud enabler for the food industry to adopt mycoprotein as a versatile ingredient. MIND is a key factor in this equation, as the purpose of this facility is not only for the development of technologies and commercial processes but also to supply customers with the volumes needed to develop full food products in time for an accelerated commercial launch.

The company recently raised € 24 million to fulfil its expansion plans and build one of the most significant upcoming commercial production sites for food mycoprotein, the Promyc Production Plant, situated less than one hour away from MIND.

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